ZIF™ – The Best AIOps Platform for Accelerated Business Outcomes

Harness the Power of AI to deliver Business Value through Efficient ITOps!

ZIFTM is an on-premise and SaaS solution that enables a resilient and reliable digital environment. The platform provides a ‘Single Pane of Glass’ for all stakeholders and is designed to improve your business service reliability through Asset Auto-DiscoveryHybrid Infrastructure MonitoringCorrelation & Noise Reduction, Predictive Analytics and Automated Remediation. With ZIFTM, your enterprise can stay ahead of the curve!


Explore Benefits of AI-driven IT Ops:

  • One-click installation with Low Code & No Code components
  • Automatic Infra Asset & Application Discovery
  • Expert Monitoring of your IT infrastructure
  • Prediction of outages before they happen – 40% incident reduction, 50% cost reduction
  • Minimum 60% Mean Time To Resolve (MTTR) reduction
  • Increased business services availability by 95%
  • TCO Reduction & OpEX Optimization through AI-driven prediction & intelligent automation


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