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The healthcare sector is going through a paradigm shift as more and more facilities are undergoing digital transformation. The use of new-age technologies like AI and ML have boosted the productivity of healthcare facilities. Healthcare facilities are now focusing on implementing an organized IT infrastructure. Besides offering products and services, the healthcare industry is also involved in finance processes. To manage these components of the healthcare sector, a robust IT framework can be established. Read on to know how ZIF can offer a resilient IT cure to the healthcare sector.

What is ZIF?

ZIF (Zero Incidence Framework) is an AI-based framework distributed by GAVS Technologies. It is an AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) platform. AIOps platforms are used for inducing automation and resilience in the IT infrastructure. AIOps products use AI and ML to reduce the number of incidents in the IT infrastructure.

ZIF can help you in discovering business applications in your environment. It helps in monitoring the performance of digital interfaces in your environment. You can not only set a reliable IT infrastructure but can also make it resilient. Your IT tools and technologies will be able to recover quickly from any outage/failure with ZIF.

Artificial intelligence in the healthcare industry

Before choosing ZIF for your healthcare facility, you should be aware of the use cases of artificial intelligence. The uses of AI-based platforms in the healthcare industry are as follows:

  • AI is being used for medical imaging by healthcare facilities.
  • AI is used for drug discovery.
  • AI-based platforms are used by healthcare facilities for better IT infrastructure.
  • AI helps in automating cybersecurity processes in the healthcare sector.
  • AI is used to create virtual health assistants.

ZIF for IT infrastructure in the healthcare sector

Healthcare facilities run critical enterprise applications that are responsible for patient care. If the performance of such critical applications downgrades, it will harm the reliability of the healthcare facility. The IT landscape has changed a lot over the years and, healthcare facilities are finding it hard to keep up. Most healthcare facilities do not hire IT experts and use premade IT frameworks for patient care. The premade frameworks often fail when they experience more load and traffic. All these challenges can be solved by using ZIF for a robust IT infrastructure in your healthcare facility.

ZIF is a reliable AIOps solution that can help you in eliminating risks and incidents from your IT infrastructure. ZIF works on an unsupervised learning model and does not needs more manual efforts. With the growing needs of a healthcare facility, ZIF can help the IT infrastructure to scale up. Your workers can focus on treating the patients while ZIF can handle the service reliability of your digital solutions.

System reliability with ZIF

The healthcare software systems are very sensitive and, a slight mishap can cause a big blunder. The Healthcare industry has to learn from past system failures to make sure it never happens. Healthcare systems should be safe and reliable to provide the best results. Healthcare organizations often face challenges while upgrading their software systems according to the requirements. System reliability in healthcare is measured in terms of failure-free operation of software systems.

ZIF will help you in ensuring that digital systems operate without any failures over time. It will continuously check for any issues with software systems. Once an incidence is reported, ZIF will help you in eliminating it as soon as possible. It will help you in enhancing system reliability and uptime for your healthcare facility.

Enhanced monitoring with ZIF

Due to the recent COVID pandemic, healthcare organizations have started monitoring the health of patients remotely. For online advisory and telemedicine, healthcare facilities have to deploy the required systems. They need to have reliable systems that connect them to the patients. For the continuous performance of these systems, they are connected to a central monitoring system. If the monitoring system is not able to detect the reason for the poor performance of other systems, it may harm the patient’s health.

With ZIF, you can monitor the health of all the consolidated systems under one dashboard. The OEM device monitoring feature of ZIF lets you analyze the health of digital systems anytime. ZIF is a reliable AIOps tool that can let you set thresholds for the maintenance of digital systems. ZIF also provides a consolidated view of your organizational data for high-end analytics. The monitoring of all digital systems via ZIF can significantly increase service efficiency.

Reliability prediction with ZIF

ZIF not only solves the current incidences but also predicts future incidences. ZIF will evaluate the performance of systems and will predict their future failure chances. ZIF will provide you with a failure rate that can define the vulnerability of a system. It will let you make proactive approaches to eliminating future failure chances. You can create resilient IT systems with ZIF for your healthcare facility. Resilient IT systems quickly recover after an incidence and provide effective performance over time.

Autonomous IT systems with ZIF

Do you want your staff members to focus more on patient service than system monitoring? Well, ZIF will help you in automating various day-to-day IT operations. You can set automated responses for a particular type of incidence via ZIF. It is an AIOps solution specifically designed for autonomous and predictive IT processes.

ZIF will monitor user experience and identify latencies and anomalies in real-time. This process will be done automatically by ZIF without any manual efforts. Even if the end-user is not able to identify any anomaly, ZIF will find it out. You can configure ZIF to send automated and real-time alerts for any incidence. It will also provide the SOP for incidence protection in real-time.

In a nutshell

The global AIOps market size will reach around USD 20 billion by 2025. AIOps platforms for healthcare can help them undergo digital transformation quickly. ZIF can help you with device monitoring and enhancing system resiliency. Choose ZIF for system reliability and resiliency!

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