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Every industry, including the healthcare sector, relies on IT infrastructure and systems to provide optimized services to clients or users. In the healthcare industry, this is particularly gaining significance as due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a boom in digital healthcare. However, to keep up with the times and ensure that the best patient care is being offered, healthcare organizations need to invest in AIOps digital transformation solutions. ZIF offers AIOps solutions that can transform and modify existing systems into optimized facilities that reduce errors and improve uptime.

Improving System Reliability with ZIF

Every industry needs to have a working system in order, and the failure of that system can lead to dangerous consequences. However, in the healthcare industry, the stakes are especially high. The healthcare system is sensitive and if it is not managed properly or is not reliable enough, it can lead to the loss of lives. This is where ZIF-led digital transformation services and solutions can assist. Such solutions can help to create effective and reliable systems and can transform the existing process ecosystems so that there is a more positive impact on all the services that the healthcare sector provides.

In the healthcare industry, one can determine system reliability through the implementation of new-age technology, revenue generation, and effective cost savings with value realization, and enhanced productivity. To ensure system reliability in healthcare, one cannot simply look for anomalies. Healthcare professionals need to separate reliability from functionality to get the best outcomes. It is also important to focus on operations that are failure-free, and if such operations are achieved, the system will become completely reliable. There need to be a specific tenure and healthcare organizations need to determine the tenure based on realistic expectations. ZIF solutions can then be implemented to build a system that will ensure full returns of the capital investment during that tenure. There should be additional returns as well, and these can be further invested in future processes. If such returns are possible, it means that the system is reliable enough.

The digital transformation that drives system reliability focuses on three factors:

  1. Prevention of Process Failure
  2. Identification and Consequent Mitigation of Failure
  3. Redesigning of Processes to Avoid Future Failures

All healthcare organizations like hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes, will be able to deliver proper and reliable care if all the above factors are aligned. ZIF-led digital transformation ensures quick detection of failures within existing systems and changes those to create a healthcare system that is completely failure-free and thus, able to provide top-quality care. ZIF solutions usually monitor digital healthcare systems and detect patterns that point towards anomalies within a particular system or software. Once the issue is identified, ZIF solutions will enable professionals to come up with preventive measures. This will not only improve the system reliability but also enhance the uptime of the entire facility.

ZIF for IT Infrastructure in Healthcare

Digital transformation in healthcare does not end with the creation of a reliable system. ZIF-led digital transformation solutions extend to the entire infrastructure of the healthcare industry. Here are the aspects in which ZIF solutions can be implemented.

  • Regular Monitoring

Monitoring of patients is essential to provide proper healthcare. Due to the ongoing pandemic, this task has proved to be even more important as healthcare organizations are relying on non-contact, digital methods to accurately monitor symptoms and the course of diseases in patients. Thus, digital transformation is essential in the industry, especially as it can seamlessly convert hands-on processes to technologically advanced solutions that will complete the tasks quickly and without errors. The performance of the entire digital healthcare infrastructure needs to be monitored, and ZIF ensures that continuous processes are connected to a central monitoring system that will analyze the performance regularly. The health of the system needs to be top-notch for the system to serve patients, doctors, and other healthcare professionals. With reliable AIOps solutions, ZIF sets and maintains thresholds that determine the health of the system and if any process needs to be further optimized. All organizational data is collected, categorized, and processed through high-end analytics so that one can understand the digital health of the infrastructure.

  • Reliability Predictions

While it is important to focus on real-time incidents within the healthcare industry, as they do have serious consequences, it is also important to prevent recurrences of the same issues. ZIF solutions in digital transportation optimize healthcare systems so that there are no errors in the current time or the future. Every patient log, digital process, and healthcare service is monitored. After a thorough and accurate analysis of the data available, the insights help to determine if there are any patterns within the anomalies. Data analysis assists in predicting the reliability of healthcare facilities. Once these patterns are identified, ZIF helps to secure the system by eliminating the root causes of the anomalies, thus disrupting the flawed system. This helps to ensure that the IT systems of a healthcare organization are proactive and resilient, so that patient care is not compromised, and all facilities can recover without causing any damage.

  • Automated Systems

As technology continues to evolve and enhance business processes in different sectors, the healthcare sector is adopting newer technological solutions for better service. ZIF solutions offer IT Automation with AI for healthcare infrastructure. This helps to reduce human intervention in certain processes and turns them into predictive processes. Automated processes in the healthcare system not only reduce the human workload but also help detect and promptly resolve anomalies. When ZIF is used for automation purposes, it monitors user activity and processes that provide digital healthcare services to detect issues in real-time. At times, end-users are not able to find these issues, but one need not worry about such problems when using ZIF. Automated alerts are sent in real-time and solutions for incident protection are also determined with little to no human interaction.


Every industry is relying on AIOps artificial intelligence for IT operations. Through digital transformation, ZIF solutions can bring about a huge change in the healthcare sector. It has the potential to revolutionize the industry and ensure that every process is automated and based on real analytics. Thus, healthcare organizations need to start investing in such solutions for better outcomes.

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