Driving next gen MSPs to new heights

Manage the complexity of your multi-customer environment with ZIFTM

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) must continuously innovate their offerings by expanding into evolving markets and consistently delivering superior customer experiences.

Challenges faced by MSPs

  • Staying one step ahead of formidable competition
  • Increasing the volume and velocity of IT operations data
  • Improving remote management and the end user experience
  • Analyzing and adopting the optimal infrastructure monitoring and predictive analytics toolset from the best AIOps partner.
  • Reducing operational cost & increasing revenue

MSPs have increased the size and complexity of their IT infrastructure to meet the demands. But, they might not have the workforce, technology and tools to manage a large IT infrastructure and ensure high uptime. They needed high observability of their IT infrastructure and software systems. Poor visibility into the internal states of software systems is preventing them from boosting their uptime.

As a result, MSPs are ditching legacy tools for AI/ML-driven platforms. Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) is key for MSPs to deliver against broadening customer SLAs and dramatically improve operational efficiency.

MSPs can collect performance data from all sources within the IT infrastructure with an AIOps-based analytics platform. Be it network data or user data; everything can be collected in one place. An MSP can get a bird’s eye view of the entire IT infrastructure with an AIOps-based analytics platform. When there is ample monitoring data, MSPs can predict outages and service issues. They can then take proactive steps to deal with outages and service issues.

Intelligent Managed Services powered by ZIFTM
for next-gen MSPs

ZIFTM delivers enhanced business outcomes by leveraging pure-play artificial intelligence.

Predictive Alerting
95% plus outage prediction accuracy before it happens
Effective predictive analytics are critical for successful AIOps platforms. ZIFTM
  patent awarded algorithms forecast incidents based upon their continuously updated knowledge of trends & incident symptoms gained by analyzing significant volumes of historic data.
Accelerated Incident Resolution
60% MTTR incident reduction
Reduce Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR) by vastly accelerated ingestion and correlation of diverse data techniques. Identify usage patterns, user behavior and end user sentiments using natural language processing and text analytics.
Root Cause Analysis
60% faster automatic cause identification resolution
With accelerated root cause analysis, ZIFTM
identifies root causes of incidents even when they are driven by events that cross siloes. ZIFTM
helps identify dependencies across the dynamic infrastructure and increases efficiency through actionable insights.
Intelligent Automation
60% productivity increase through automation of routine tasks
enables IT process automation through algorithmic IT operations and its AI-led capabilities for advanced insights, predictions, and auto-remediation which drive consistent business service reliability and reduce operational defects.