ZIFTM End of Life Policy

End of Life Policy

ZIF Business


Our products undergo continual innovation and evolution to ensure we meet market demands and offer technologically superior service to our customers. In the event of product obsolescence and eventual new software releases, ZIFTM has the right to discontinue certain products or their specific versions. We recognize that any change in the product lifecycle will lead you to review the impact caused by our product in your environment. To aid a smooth End-of-Life (EOL) transition, this document outlines the End-of-Life Policy of ZIF Business and provides customers with an indicative timeline and the key milestones for the product lifecycle.


ZIF Business EOL Policy applies to all software, services, subscriptions, and perpetual licenses. The following EOL milestones are applicable for paid, on-premises, and on-cloud software product. The policy applies to EOL notifications made on all public platforms on or after 3rd September 2021. The policy does not apply to ZIF Business product version that is already subject to an EOL notification as of 3rd September 2021.


End-of-Life Milestones

  • General Availability: It defines the date that ZIF Business becomes generally available for sale and support to the public. It comprises of the time from market availability to the phase out stage and as per the general availability, software support will be provided as per the support terms and conditions. Additionally, we reserve the right to fix bug, reset licenses, and make service releases only for the current version of any software release.
  • End-of-Life Announcement: This announcement marks not only the discontinuation of the product/software but also marks the beginning of the EOL life cycle. The EOL Announcement will precede the End-of-Engineering date by up to 90 days.
  • End-of-Engineering (E0E) Date:When a software release reaches the EOE Date, it will no longer receive active engineering support. Technical support will be available no longer than one year until the EOL Date.
  • End-of-Life Date: On this date, all support will cease for a discontinued release of the product/software. The version is no longer available for pricing and quoting. This date refers to the discontinuation of a software release or a hosted service.
  • End of Support Date: Access to maintenance, repair, and technical support team of ZIF product is no longer available from this date onward. For products that have reached end-of-support, bug fixes, patches, and repairs are no longer available. The availability of support will be based on the status of the version or product.
  • End of Sale Date:This is the last date for ZIF Business customers to place orders for the software product.
    For perpetual licenses: Existing customers can order ZIF Business until End-of-Life Date. For subscription-based license: Existing customers can continue to order the software if the term does not exceed the End of Service Life Date

ZIF Business Lifecycle

ReleaseGeneral Availability (GA) DateEnd of Engineering (EOE) DateEnd of Life (EOL) DateEnd of Support (EOS) Date
ZIF Business Version 2.0.x April 2017 Dec 2019 Dec 2020Dec 2021  
ZIF Business Version 3.0.x April 2018 April 2019 April 2020 Dec 2021  
ZIF Business Version 4.0.x June 2021