ZIFTM is assisting businesses in continuously evaluating and improving their digital interactions throughout the full customer life cycle. ZIFTM makes it easy to view infrastructure and application performance issues from the standpoint of the user experience and offers useful insights to enhance the same.

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The complexity of digital interactions between businesses and customers has led to a demand for a Digital Xperience Platform (Dx). Customers now expect a seamless and uniform xperience across all touchpoints, thanks to the growth of digital channels including websites, mobile applications, and social media. By offering a single platform to handle all digital channels and touchpoints, a Dx platform helps businesses to build, manage, and optimise these digital experiences.
The complete Digital Xperience Platform (Dx) consists of the following four components:

  • Data Collection and Aggregation
  • Analysis and Insights
  • Automation
  • Reporting Capabilities.

ZIF Digital Xperience (Dx) comprises all these four integral components and helps organisations to improve the Digital experience on a day-to-day basis.


Key Features of ZIF Dx+

  • Resource Optimization
    Identify available resource capacity on a single or group of machines (CPU, Disk, Memory) and optimize the usage.
  • Software License and patch Updates
    Get notified about the software and patches which are outdated as per organization standards.
  • User Productivity
    ZIFTM offers real-time insight into parameters that reflect user productivity.
  • Compliance
    Track the unwanted application or process that is running at the user’s endpoint.
  • Facial Authentication
    ZIF Dx+ monitors the user’s identity at the end-point device and verifies user authenticity using facial recognition techniques.
  • End Point Utilization
    Determine the most frequently used and least frequently used endpoints for a given time period. (Typical for VDI users)
  • System Insights
    Get notified of key system events that occur at the End point
  • Application Inventory
    ZIF Track software inventory installed on each endpoint
  • Self-healing
    ZIF Dx+ enables auto-remediation and self-healing capabilities through 250+ pre-built ITPA bots. The issues are thus resolved even before users are affected
  • Transaction Journey Mapper (TJM)
    ZIF Dx+ has a feature called Transaction Journey Mapper (TJM) that captures the steady state (SS) of endpoints and thus detects the changes in their behaviour.

Key outcomes of ZIF Dx+

  • Increased User Engagement
  • Increased User productivity and Agility.
  • Enhanced Business Outcomes
  • Reduced Downtime
  • Improved Profitability due to the Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Reduced Operational Costs
  • Accelerates the Digital Transformation Journey of Organisations.


ZIF Dx+ is an advanced iteration of ZIF Dx+, designed to transcend user experience optimization through innovative Transaction Journey Mapping (TJM). The incorporation of Transaction Journey Mapping showcases an unwavering commitment to operational excellence, seamless experiences, and proactive anomaly detection. By integrating ZIF Dx+ into their workflows, organizations are poised to embrace a new era of responsiveness and reliability, thus setting a new standard in digital experience optimization.

  • Comprehensive Performance Monitoring: ZIF Dx+ excels in monitoring both server and endpoint performance, ensuring a holistic view of operational health.
  • Service Status Tracking: The platform adeptly monitors the status of all services, whether specific or universal, allowing proactive management.
  • Event Monitoring: ZIF Dx+ keeps a vigilant watch on all events, offering insights into the health of digital operations.
  • Resource Consumption Analysis: The ability to monitor CPU and memory usage of top-consuming processes ensures resource optimization.
  • Custom Script Execution: The platform empowers administrators to execute PowerShell scripts and retrieve output, enabling tailored actions.
  • Seamless Data Transfer: ZIF Dx+ can seamlessly post data to both 3.x and 4.x environments, effectively showcasing user interfaces and configuring alerts.
  • Unmatched benefits: At the core of ZIF Dx+ lies TJM, a ground-breaking addition that empowers organizations by guaranteeing swift response times, eliminating any delays. Functioning as a pivotal metric for service reliability assessment, TJM measures and predicts response times across layers of transactions. It establishes benchmarks between each transaction hop and triggers anomaly alerts when discrepancies arise.