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Why You Should Outsource Your AIOps Needs

July 16. 2021
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Are you scaling up the IT infrastructure for your business? Well, upscaling IT infrastructure comes with its challenges. You will need more employees to manage the IT operations effectively. This is where AIOps come into action. AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) is being adopted by firms to automate their key IT processes. Read on to know more about AIOps and why you should outsource your AIOps needs.

What is AIOps?

AIOps is a new-age solution for IT operations that works on smart algorithms. The smart algorithms behind an AIOps platform are powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. AIOps platforms for businesses are multi-layered platforms that reduce human intervention. It not only automates mundane IT tasks but also increases productivity. Repetitive IT tasks like performance monitoring, event correlation, and others can be automated via AIOps.

AIOps is capable of managing the ever-growing IT infrastructure for a business. A business may not require the services of system administrators after using AIOps. AIOps is also capable of handling high volumes of business data that are always increasing. The data generated by IT processes can be easily analyzed via AIOps. This helps the management to access meaningful insights and make informed decisions.

Why does my business need AIOps?

AIOps tools are beneficial for a business and can boost productivity and administration. The main reasons that highlight the importance of AIOps tools for your business are as follows:

  • Digitalization: Every business wants to dive into this new era of digitalization. With digital transformation, you can save time, effort, and money. AIOps can help in enhancing the visibility of the IT infrastructure and digital applications in your organization.
  • Cloud enablement: IT services and applications can be deployed and operated via the cloud. AIOps can help you with enabling IT services via the cloud for your business. You can also automate cloud operations and can also monitor the health of the cloud system.
  • Easy deployment: Organizations perform IT monitoring to identify the issues in the IT infrastructure. When an issue is detected, it takes hours to mitigate it and get the system online. With AIOps, you can automate the actions in response to IT issues thus saving time and effort.
  • MTTD and MTTR: MTTD (Mean Time to Detect) and MTTR (Mean Time to Resolve) are important metrics for organizations to solve problems like system outages. With AIOps, you can reduce the MTTD and can identify issues quickly. Reduced MTTD via AIOps will help in increasing the uptime of your system software(s).
  • Real-time analysis and automation: AIOps platforms record and IT data produced by the system software(s). It applies various algorithms to the data in real-time to produce meaningful insights. With AIOps, you can diagnose issues in real-time with the help of actionable insights.
  • Security AutomationAIOps can help you automate the first-level incident response for your systems. It can also help with virus elimination and access management. You can pre-define a response to any particular system issue and it will be automatically applied next time via an AIOps platform.

These were some of the main business processes that can be automated with the aid of AIOps. AIOps has diverse applications and can help in better administration and management of system software(s). According to studies, around 30% of businesses will be using AIOps for monitoring applications and business infrastructure by 2023. You can also outsource your AIOps needs and ensure better business resilience and continuity.

Why outsource AIOps processes?

Developing and deploying an AIOps platform requires knowledge about the new-age technologies. It is hard to find AI/ML experts that can work full-time for your business. A reliable third-party that offers AIOps solutions will already have AI/ML experts. You don’t have to go through the recruitment process to hire in-house AI/ML experts.

If you go for recruiting AIOps experts, you will have to spend funds for recruitment and training. By outsourcing your AIOps needs, you can save money and also time. It will also be beneficial in the long run as you can automate key business processes via AIOps. IT operations are often affected by the high volume of data produced every day. AIOps can help team leaders to analyze this data and act upon it.

Different IT teams work on their respective operations and it makes it tough to address any immediate incident. Outsourcing your AIOps needs will help you in automating responses to such urgent incidents. Your full-time employees will have to put less effort into ensuring resilience and business continuity.

How to start outsourcing my AIOps needs?

The recent COVID pandemic has influenced various market disruptions. Organizational workplaces were also affected due to the COVID pandemic. System administrators are finding it hard to monitor the system software(s) remotely. It is better to adopt AIOps for the automation of system software(s). Some of the tips for outsourcing your AIOps needs are as follows:

  • Adapt AIOps for smaller IT operations first that require fewer efforts. This way you will start small and can see the immediate benefits of AIOps. Once AIOps is successful for your initial test cases, you can apply the same to other IT operations.
  • Look for areas that require more human effort and are costing you a lot. Such IT operations can be automated via AIOps. You can use your skilled workforce for other business processes.
  • Free AIOps platforms are also available in the market but are not capable of handling complex IT operations. You should focus on building a customized AIOps platform for your business that can resolve complex operational issues.
  • Partner with a reliable outsourcing firm that offers an effective AIOps platform.
  • Influence your employees and stakeholders to use AI-based technologies for better business performance and uptime.
  • Identify IT areas with greater downtime and apply AIOps for those operations first.

In a nutshell

The global AI market size will be more than $260 billion by 2027. More and more businesses are using AIOps for ensuring business continuity and sustainability. You can outsource your AIOps needs for cost optimization and reducing manual efforts. Choose an AIOps platform for your business!

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