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Why AIOps Is Critical to Communication Service Providers (CSPs)?

March 29. 2022

The communication setup is a crucial part of the IT infrastructure. In this digital era, business organizations have to focus on building a robust communication infrastructure for themselves. That is why CSPs (Communication Service Providers) are now more important than ever for business organizations. However, CSPs also face issues due to the increasing complexity of IT infrastructure. The demands of clients have not been as simple as before. Not to forget, the technical issues increase with the increase in the number of clients. In 2022, CSPs are shifting towards AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) for service management. Read on to know the pros of AIOps to CSPs in 2022.

CSPs: definition

A communication service provider is involved in providing two-way communication services. Broadcast services are also offered by CSPs. The traditional CSPs are involved in providing cable and landline telecommunication services. They are also involved in providing satellite and wireless communication services. Since we are talking in the context of business organizations, CSPs are those who provide a vast communication infrastructure.

Cloud communication providers also fall under the bracket of CSPs. Cloud communication providers often work on the BYOB model. They ask the client to bring their bandwidth and provide them with a communication infrastructure on the cloud. A few decades back, traditional CSPs had a monopoly on the market. As the craze for digital transformation services and solutions increased, traditional CSPs were bound to provide a wide range of services. The increase in digitization also paved the way for cloud communication providers and other types of content providers.

As of now, CSPs are focusing more and more on digital transformation. With the increasing craze of AI, ML, analytics, and other new-age technologies, CSPs are going through a paradigm shift. To ensure high service availability, CSPs have to leverage the power of new-age technologies. Let us know how AIOps has changed the way CSPs used to operate.

Existing challenges for CSPs

Before we know the role of AIOps in CSPs, we must know the shortcomings that led to the usage of AIOps. The challenges faced by communication service providers in today’s digital scenario are as follows:

  • Lack of effective customer support

Gone are the days when only a handful of companies had a dedicated communication infrastructure. At present, every business organization wants to have a dedicated communication infrastructure. For the same reason, there is increased demand for CSPs. CSPs have to deal with a huge number of incoming client queries and complaints. There is a need for reactive and proactive client support. When CSPs failed to offer proactive customer support, their service reliability was questioned.

  • Monitoring customer experience

Consider a CSP has installed a communication infrastructure for a big organization. The job isn’t complete for the CSP after installing the communication infrastructure. The CSP has to further monitor the client experience regularly. It will help the CSP understand the shortcomings in its infrastructure and improve over time. Due to the lack of real-time user monitoring tools, CSPs found it hard to monitor the customer experience.

  • Automation

The biggest reason for CSPs inclining towards AIOps is automation. Many organizations have already achieved IT automation with AI in 2022. Earlier, CSPs found it hard to manage multiple customer queries, service requests, and IT incidents simultaneously. There was a need for a technology that could handle the mundane/daily tasks conducted by CSPs. CSPs needed something that could help reduce the requirement for human labour.

  • Data collection and analysis

CSPs have to study communication data to know the shortcomings of a particular communication infrastructure. However, the increasing amount and complexity of communication data was a challenge to CSPs. When they failed to collect communication data from numerous sources, data silos were formed. As a result, CSPs failed to study the customer experience and behaviour. It also impacted the service reliability of CSPs as they failed to make informed decisions due to the unavailability of data.

How AIOps is a blessing for CSPs?

Since 2019, the market for AIOps has heated up due to the demand for digital transformation services and solutions. CSPs can gain control over IT and networks with the help of AIOps. The working of AIOps is entirely different from traditional software systems. AIOps is perfectly compatible with the operational environments of CSPs. How AIOps enhances the service availability of CSPs are as follows:

  • Enhances ITSM

IT teams of CSPs can deliver communication services to clients in less time with AIOps. With AIOps, CSPs can manage the delivery of communication services according to the client’s demand. AIOps can help CSPs align communication services with the business needs of any organization. With AIOps for service management, you can achieve automated service assurance.

  • Enhanced monitoring

AIOps is among the best real-time user monitoring tools in 2022. You can detect the issues faced by your clients even before they report them. You don’t have to sit idle after deploying a communication infrastructure. You can regularly monitor customer behaviour and experience with the aid of AIOps. You don’t have to depend on customer complaints to boost your service reliability. Consider a client calling you regarding the ill-functioning of satellite communication services. For the same issue, there must be many clients who do not call. With AIOps, you can proactively monitor the customer experience and identify flaws even before they report them.

  • Data availability for analysis

AI data analytics monitoring tools are great for collecting data from different sources. With AIOps, you can collect communication data on a large scale for analysis. You can use the data collected from different sources to determine user behaviour, event relationships, and many other things. You don’t have to put in manual effort to collect communication data from different sources with AIOps. You can break down data silos entirely with an AIOps-based analytics platform.

In a nutshell

CSPs can move towards hyper-automation with AIOps. Every CSP uses several software systems for the delivery of communication services. AIOps can also help track the performance of software systems used by CSPs. Take your communication services to a new level with AIOps!

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