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What is Master Data Management (MDM) in Telecom, and How AIOps Help to Build It?

April 22. 2022
AIOps solutions for Master Data Management (MDM)

Modes of communication are constantly evolving, and with it, the services offered by Telecom companies. To provide relevant services, these companies need to analyze customer data so that they can ensure customer satisfaction and enrich user experience. AIOps (Artificial intelligence for IT operations) assists in creating automated and algorithm-based solutions for the analysis and management of data. Master data management or MDM processes are a part of this. Telecom companies, and those across other industries, have several master data assets. To manage these assets, business processes and IT are combined, which ensures semantic consistency and accuracy within the enterprise.

Understanding Master Data Management in the Telecom Industry

The Telecom industry has moved beyond traditional communications channels and now includes various mobile networks, IoT, and video content. Therefore, there is much more data to handle, store, and analyze. To leverage this data, it is essential to create efficient workflows, which is possible through the automation and integrations of master data management.

Telecom companies invest in master data management integration to process a high volume of data collected from various sources. The entire Telecom industry is dependent on existing, and potential clients as their response to services determine the revenue. Therefore, it is essential to provide the right services. Through MDM solutions, it is possible to create specific user profiles that provide the necessary information. These profiles can assess users and offer services that will benefit them and thus, increase sales.

There is a degree of risk involved in all industries, and the Telecom industry is not an exception. However, proper risk management is possible through data analysis. AIOps solutions in Telecom can assist in automating master data management processes and creating efficient risk management systems. It is also essential to check regulatory compliance solutions when dealing with MDM systems. Telecom companies invest in cyber security and compliance services, which, combined with integrated MDM, ensures that accurate data is present for making informed decisions regarding risk and regulation.

Master data management processes are necessary across the Telecom industry. There is often a need for data cleansing, and the application of AIOps assists in this. Integrated MDM solutions and the right AIOps tools can help clean and reconcile data sources.

Master data in Telecom companies are sourced from multiple devices and networks. Much of this data is sourced from consumer activities, profiles, and legacy systems. All of this data needs to be integrated to benefit the business processes. Integration of MDM across sources helps provide efficient communication services to all clients.

Role of AIOps in Building and Improving MDM Systems

AIOps primarily assist in automating and optimizing various processes within MDM systems. This allows efficient data representation and error-free business processes.

Data representation through MDM is mainly of certain business entities. This can include employee information, customer data, supplier information, locations of equipment, and even cost centers. These aspects of a business require effective management that is possible through automation and the application of specific algorithms.

  • Master Data Management Discovery

The first process the AIOps help to build and automate is master data management discovery. Master data can be sourced from various sites and devices. This leads to an increase in data volume, and it may become difficult to manage it manually. It will also become challenging to identify the different domains from where the master data is sourced. Therefore, specific AIOps solutions are necessary.

Master data management discovery with AIOps involves using machine learning solutions like domain identification, semantic tagging, clustering, identifying and labelling data fields, and other such techniques that help automate the process of discovery further.

  • Cataloging of Master Data and Lineage Mapping

AIOps also play a role in building and improving master data management lineage. It assists in cataloging the data according to the domains it has been sourced from. AIOps also helps trace how the data moves across the system enterprise and various applications and sources. This helps to build an efficient master data management system.

Businesses with extensive IT infrastructure rely on IT automation with AI. Those that deal with master data can also benefit from the automation of lineage mapping of the said data with AIOps. This is done by first scanning all technical data available and then using machine learning. The machine learning solutions in this instance are based on relationship discovery. Once it is automated, relevant information can be overlayed on the lineage map to link the different business processes and attributes.

AIOps automation of lineage mapping in master data management can be instrumental in setting up various services, including Know Your Customer (KYC) for a specific business or financial processes and tracking of products and end-to-end supply chains, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Master Data Management Modelling

Businesses that have to deal with master data management often utilize certain digital transformation services and solutions. These include cloud data warehousing, digital commerce, data lakes, and application modernization. AIOps helps to build a master data management hub that is centralized. This allows easy digital transformation for businesses, simplifies MDM, and improves scalability. This allows better scope for MDM operations and analysis.

By building a centralized master data management hub, AIOps also helps create MDM models. These have specific attributes and hierarchies that remain the same across various sites and sources. With these models, it is also possible to automate schema matching. Schema matching is a service that identifies the mapping of attributes in semantically linked models.

AIOps solutions for MDM can also assist in field mapping for importing master data, categorization and acquisition of master data, match and merge services, and maintenance of MDM quality. By combining these facilities, telecom companies can ensure efficient and reliable communication services.


Telecom companies can benefit from using the best AIOps platforms software. These solutions provide MDM facilities and help create systems and operations that will boost customer satisfaction. Through effective MDM and improvement of communications channels, telecom companies can increase their clientele and ensure better performance of applications.

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