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Business networks can be complex as they involve multiple processes and functions. Each of these processes and functions need to be maintained and optimized to ensure peak performance. However, operations teams cannot do so manually, as it is time-consuming and expensive. This is why much of it is outsourced to managed service providers or MSPs. Now, MSPs need to be able to scale profits while providing services to businesses. This ensures that they are able to meet market demands. The best way for MSPs to achieve that scalability is through the implementation of AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT operations). AIOps tools are available on multitenant platforms. These platforms have tools that can be accessed by numerous clients at once. This is cost-effective for MSPs as it facilitates Multi-tenant MSP monitoring. AIOps multi-tenancy is also instrumental in ensuring increased efficiency and scalability for MSPs, thus generating, and managing more profit than before.

How Can MSPs Scale Profits with Multitenant AIOps Platforms?

Reduction of cost and time is crucial to every business and this is what multi-tenancy offers. It allows MSPs to leverage AIOps solutions from one platform that serves multiple clients and provide a wide range of services while scaling the profits.

Markets are constantly changing and with them, the demands of customers. Businesses need to keep up with these demands and therefore, they outsource much of the network management tasks to managed service providers. MSPs too need to take into account the change in the markets and utilize the right technological solutions. This will ensure a steady revenue and allow them to scale the profits. Scalability of profits is essential as this determines that MSPs are able to handle the evolving market demand and business needs and thus, are able to provide the necessary solutions.

To scale profits, and ensure reliable services to businesses, MSPs need to leverage AIOps for managed service providers. Multitenant AIOps platforms are functional in providing multiple solutions to numerous clients and ensuring that these solutions can be utilized for optimization and automation purposes whenever necessary. MSPs are able to benefit from the implementation of AIOps solutions and scale profits through the use of multitenant platforms in the following ways.

  • Boost SLAs and Increase Efficiency

MSPs work on client accounts all the time. Throughout the day, they need to run system checks, monitor business processes, and determine what can increase the functionality of a business. This requires them to log into the client account. If MSPs utilize multitenant AIOps platforms, they can stay logged in and spend more time focusing on business needs. This strengthens the SLAs in place. SLAs are service-level agreements that are basically commitments between the business and the client. AIOps multi-tenancy helps maintain the SLAs, ensuring that the availability, quality, and responsibilities of the MSPs as agreed remain constant and in accordance with the commitment. Apart from this, the use of multitenant platforms also increases the efficiency of MSPs and the tasks they are completing. From responding to queries to taking care of alerts, MSPs are able to do this without constantly logging in and logging out of different business accounts through the platform. This saves time and thus improves efficiency.

  • Sustained Revenue Due to Automated Processes

Businesses are often working with budget constraints and they cannot afford to employ permanent teams to take care of every aspect. This is usually the primary reason for outsourcing to MSPs. However, certain businesses need more than Managed IT services. Companies that have extensive cloud infrastructures often require cloud engineers who can build customizable automation for business processes. This can prove to be expensive and time-consuming. Multitenant AIOps platforms have numerous solutions that involve automation and are available to MSPs. If MSPs start leveraging these, they can offer automation services for business networks. This will prove to be a source of sustained revenue. AIOps multi-tenancy is a crucial resource for revenue sustainability, especially for MSPs, as it offers essential solutions for the current conditions.

  • Increase Client Base Through Better Customer Service

Scaling profits is related to scaling customer experience as that is what results in revenue, in the first place. Thus, MSPs need to move beyond the services they offer and ensure customer satisfaction for various businesses. When working on a multitenant AIOps platform, MSPs can apply the best customer service solutions and MSP best practices across client accounts. It is also easier to keep track of customer requests and simplify the process of providing consistent support to multiple clients. MSPs are instrumental in system monitoring and AIOps platforms can also be used for that purpose. Multi-tenancy allows MSPs to monitor and manage the business processes of all clients at the same time without any errors. MSPs can create alerts and track functions efficiently through such platforms. This also allows MSPs to bring in more businesses that want to benefit from improved efficiency and optimization solutions.

What Do Multitenant AIOps Platforms Offer MSPs?

While MSPs can increase the services, they provide through multitenant AIOps platforms, these platforms can offer more solutions. Multi-tenancy provides numerous benefits to MSPs. MSPs have already increased their range of services from business process management to cloud migration support. Through multi-tenancy, they can extend the advantages of AIOps digital transformation solutions to multiple clients with greater efficiency within a short period.

Multitenant AIOps platforms offer the following benefits to MSPs.

  • Drilldowns that are particular to each client on the platform
  • Self-provisioning services for the clients
  • Segregated views for different clients that are completely secure
  • Private network support
  • At-a-glance views for every client
  • Support for various administrators within the platform
  • Specified administration rights for tenants or clients


Multitenant AIOps platforms offer the best AIOps platform software for MSPs. Both MSPs and the tenants can benefit from such an arrangement, particularly because it is cost-effective. Multi-tenant MSP monitoring allows MSPs to not only implement AIOps solutions relevant to the client’s needs, but also allows them to generate more revenue as they can take on multiple businesses without compromising on the quality of service, customer satisfaction, or application performance.

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