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The Role of AIOps in Accelerating the Cloud Migration Digital Transformation Journey of the Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

October 11. 2022
At the time now working on Cloud Enablement Services is important for digital transformation, here MSPs make the digital transformation journey hassle-free.

Now more than ever, businesses are reliant on technology, and this technology is constantly changing. The developments in technology also coincide with the developments in customer demands and business requirements. This is why most businesses consider adopting the newest technological solutions to ensure better services and increased efficiency. This is also why businesses outsource the maintenance and anticipation of necessary functions and processes to third parties. These third parties are managed service providers or MSPs. They check entire systems to determine what functions and applications will keep the business infrastructure functional and maintain the performance levels of all business processes. However, MSPs also require efficiency and error-free functionality. AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) can offer that, especially when it comes to digital transformation. There is a need for digital transformation as systems are evolving. Existing infrastructure cannot provide the required efficiency or improved performance, and therefore, most businesses invest in Cloud migration. MSPs can assist in this and utilize AIOps for Managed Service Providers to ensure error-free, cost-effective operations.

Why Are Managed Service Providers (MSPs) Involved in Cloud Migration Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is the change from existing systems to digitally enhanced systems. Certain MSPs are involved in digital transformation as they enable the modification or change of specific business processes. Digital transformation is necessary as business requirements continue to change and there are new market demands every day. MSPs assisting in the process can help ensure that these needs are met and that the business processes maintain peak performance levels.

Cloud migration goes along with digital transformation. Existing infrastructure cannot continue to meet the evolving needs of the industries. As data volumes continue to grow, businesses need a reliable form of infrastructure. This is why it is essential to implement cloud migration and change to a Cloud-based infrastructure.

MSPs assist in cloud migration and ensure a smooth transition for the business. Most MSPs now utilize a cloud migration assessment tool for business to understand if the cloud environment is suitable for all processes and functions. There can sometimes be compatibility issues with specific applications. These need to be modified to continue business processes even after the infrastructure has been fully converted to the cloud. MSPs have a well-rounded knowledge of cloud and cloud-native architectures. This is why businesses consider outsourcing the task of migration to them. The digital transformation journey that leads to a fully cloud-based system involves MSPs as they assist in the process and maintain the functions to ensure that the business continues to provide the best services to the clients. System monitoring is essential, no matter what type of infrastructure one is dealing with. However, with the cloud, in particular, there is a need for constant monitoring as this is a new environment, and applications may not always work impacting the service availability.

While MSPs are involved in the process of cloud migration right from the start, there is no scope for continuous human intervention when prioritizing efficiency. This is where MSPs have to automate certain functions. the implementation of AIOps digital transformation solutions can assist in this automation. AIOps solutions can also ensure that MSPs can analyze and optimize processes so that the cloud migration goes smoothly.

AIOps-Led Cloud Migration Digital Transformation for Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

The primary need for digital transformation is the market conditions and the changing requirements that every business needs to cater to. Digital transformation services and solutions allow MSPs to help manage mission-critical functions within the IT infrastructure. For this, AIOps is crucial. There is also a rise in customer-backing applications. The utilization of these in a cloud environment can prove to be challenging. But thorough analysis and constant monitoring will help create and implement applications that will thrive in such an infrastructure and provide the desired outcomes.

Some of the best AIOps platforms software allows integration of managed services. This is what helps to create an AIOps-based platform for MSPs. Such platforms use predictive analysis to ensure the smooth functioning of the IT architecture. It determines possible causes of anomalies and recommends potential solutions that MSPs can then implement before there are any system-wide consequences. AIOps platforms support all the cloud providers like AWS, Azure, and GCP.

AIOps-led cloud migration and digital transformation assisted by MSPs also involve the ingestion of telemetry data. For this, AIOps tools are used with back-end analytics to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions. The implementation of such technology allows MSPs to understand the condition of the business infrastructure and check what the usual operations are within the system. It also helps generate insights like the business impact, which helps MSPs realize what is necessary to improve efficiency and also helps them to follow the MSP best practices consistently.

It is often difficult for businesses to find MSPs that can provide the proper assistance. MSPs that utilize AIOps for cloud migration digital transformation have the following characteristics:

  • Has tools that enable complete automation
  • Can connect with cloud providers to help the business understand what kind of cloud environment will be ideal
  • Can provide a plan for building and utilizing cloud-native architecture that is relevant to the business needs
  • Provides cost-effective solutions
  • Able to increase scalability

There is another critical role of AIOps and MSPs that one must consider, and it is in cyber security and compliance services. The cloud environment is not entirely protected from malicious attacks. There is a need to protect the sensitive information that all IT systems consist of. When MSPs work with AIOps-led cloud systems, they can ensure an environment that is secure and has multiple layers of security, including multi-factor authentication. MSPs also assist in ensuring compliance to maintain the rules in place. Thus, all critical processes, data centers, and infrastructure remain protected.


While cloud migration digital transformation is necessary, it can be a complex procedure. The entire migration process from existing systems to cloud-native systems requires extensive technological support that is cost-effective and time-consuming. MSPs can offer this support and utilize cloud enablement services. Thus the MSPs must explore AIOps for Managed Service Providers in order to make their digital transformation journey hassle-free.

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