Srinivasan Sundararajan

Srini is a seasoned IT Professional with expertise in Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud Computing. He develops solutions that are futuristic in nature and in alignment with industry analysts. He is a seasoned enterprise IT expert, mainly in the areas of solution, integration and architecture, across structured, unstructured data sources. His latest work involves Natural Language Processing, Semantic Enrichment of Unstructured Data, Data Mining and Predictive Analytics.

Sumit Ganguli

Sumit is the CEO of GAVS Technologies and has been in the Information Technology industry for over 25 years. He is fascinated by emerging technology trends in Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Automation, and is promoting these competencies at GAVS. He is an award-winning author of the book ‘Success Breakthroughs’, that he co-wrote with Jack Canfield of the ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ series and other authors.

Suresh Kumar Ramasamy

Suresh is the Vice President – Product Engineering at GAVS and heads the ZIFTM Monitoring & ZIFTM Discovery Platform. Suresh has end-to-end expertise in Native Applications, Web, Cloud, and Hybrid Platforms.
He has been instrumental in designing and building various components of ZIFTM, including the Environment Performance Management suite, the self-learning monitoring solutions and the Health Quadrant.