ZIF for Service Desk

Evolve your current Service Desk Operations to a New-Age Digital Service Desk

ZIF for Service Desk

An efficient service desk keeps people, processes and technology in sync for operational efficiency. Evolving your service desk into a New-Age digital service desk has become a mandate for the modern digital enterprise.

Zero Incident Framework TM focuses on the end-user experience rather than traditional SLAs to evaluate service desk performance.  A Digital Service Desk captures user experience and provides insights to help improve it.




AIOps-based Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics Platform

Enhances service desk productivity and enables quicker decision making. A unified dashboard provides ticket metrics such as Estimated Time to Complete, Sentiment Analytics and Recommended Resolutions for tickets.


AI-based Voice Assistants and Chatbots

Provide consistent customer experience and reduce workload of service desk personnel with on-the-spot responses and automation of mundane tasks, effectively reducing ticket volume, wait time and the service metric Mean Time to Resolve.


Social Media Integration

Integrates multiple experience channels for users to interface with their support teams, like Workplace by Facebook & WhatsApp.



Improves productivity by automating process workflows through intuitive activity-based tools and triggers automation of tasks through user events or the virtual supervisor. 200+ plug and play workflows for service desk and incident management.


Virtual Supervisor

Machine Learning algorithms aid initial triaging, priority assignment and auto-rerouting of tickets to appropriate support groups.


  • Faster remediation and services through the use of automation and the virtual supervisor
  • Transparency in resolution
  • Seamless integration with existing service desk tools
  • New-age user experience enabled through integration of social media with traditional channels
  • Decreased end user incidents by leveraging AIOps platform

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