ZIF for IT Operations

Shift from Reactive to Proactive IT Operations and Enable Frictionless IT

ZIF for IT Operations

AIOps is the mandate for the future of ITOps, and ZIF provides the perfect solution. The rigor realized by algorithms augmenting human intelligence provides complete visibility into and control of IT Operations. Keeping the lights on is no longer a concern with the automation of tactical activities, and valuable engineering talent can now focus on bringing strategic value to the enterprise.




Single Pane of Command

Aggregates data from different monitoring tools and devices with 100+ plugins


Actionable insights on events

Reduces noise in the infrastructure through insightful event correlation and reduced false alarms.


Identify Root Cause

Detects issues in the infrastructure faster with infrastructure and application heat maps.


Predictive Analytics

Forecasts issues before they cause impacts using supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms


Notification & Reporting

Logs incident in the ITSM tool and notifies the right people through the Virtual Supervisor


Automate Tasks

Triggers and automates repeat tasks and complex workflows


  • 360o visibility of enterprise
  • Operational efficiency through noise nullification, driving faster Mean-Time-To-Repair
  • Proactive identification of risks based on patterns with no dependency on a CMDB
  • Reduction in lead time to address future application failures through predictive insights

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