How It Works



Auto-Discover Applications

Automatically discovers every application in your environment, irrespective of application type, technology or where the application is hosted.

  • Zero configuration required as the discovery is based on new transactions directed towards the applications from the users
  • End-user agents for application workloads installed at the presentation tier to ensure end-to-end visibility of every hop
  • Discover every application in your environment, identify instances and names, measure the end-to-end and hop-by-hop response time and throughput

Auto-Discover Users

Visibility of all users of every application in your environment, their activities, groups and privileges, along with their unique user experience.

  • Endpoint agents view application performance from the end-user perspective
  • Calculates normal user experience for individual applications based on data from endpoint agents
  • Measures real time end-user experience for individual applications based on response time and throughput through the entire stack.

Real Time Dynamic Topology Mapping

Automatically maps the virtual and physical topology of each application to give clear visibility of all transactions through all tiers of the application and infrastructure.

  • A central master connected to multiple server and end-point agents, to monitor transactions in real time and on a continuous basis
  • Topology maps built by following transactions through the stack from end to end,
  • Updates topology in near real time as changes occur using deep packet inspection in layer 3 of network


Full Stack Visibility

The only end-to-end environment performance monitoring tool which provides full stack visibility and is capable of monitoring infrastructure and application stacks from an enterprise level down to a single device or microservice.

  • Instrumentation agents capture events, traces and exceptions for all running applications and infrastructure which are then fed to the correlation and analytics engines to extract actionable insights
  • Dedicated built-in monitoring agents for specific parts of enterprise IT including Infrastructure, Databases, Networks, Processes, Services and Applications.
  • Built-in plugins for major enterprise tools like Citrix, Outlook and Azure

Detect Anomalies

The platform consists of modules that work together to detect anomalies in advance, resolve them and prevent those incidents from happening again.

  • Catches exceptions, latencies and deviations at the log, code and transaction levels, even when the end-user is not aware of them.
  • Highlights detections of deviations in real time as data gets pushed from agents at periodic configurable intervals (typically every minute)
  • Send configurable real time alerts to stakeholders along with standard remedies for incident prevention

Application Health Index, User Experience Index

Built-in metrics that are business relevant and focused on end-user experience and application health.

  • Real User Monitoring at end-user side to capture real time end-user metrics
  • User Experience Index is an empirical score illustrating end-user experience
  • Application Health Index (AHI) – A scorecard for individual applications calculated using real time application performance metrics


Ingestion and Correlation of Diverse Data

Processes a wide range of data from varied data sources to break siloes while providing insights, exposing anomalies and highlighting risks across the IT landscape. From basic signals to complex datasets, using structured or unstructured data of all levels of complexity, our ZIF platform seamlessly incorporates then derives intelligence to optimize your IT operations

  • 100+ connectors for leading tools, environments and devices
  • Advanced Intelligent Incident Analytics (AIIA) handle a diverse range of data sources
  • Correlation and aggregation methods uncover patterns and relationships in the data

Noise Nullification

Eliminates duplicate incidents, false positives and any alerts that are insignificant.

  • Deep learning algorithms isolate events that have the potential to become incidents along with their potential criticality
  • Correlation and Aggregation methods group alerts and incidents that are related and need a common remediation
  • Reinforcement learning techniques to find and eliminate false positives and duplicates

Accelerated Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

Identifies root causes of incidents even when they occur in a different silo.

  • Combination of correlation algorithms with unsupervised deep learning techniques accurately identifies the root causes of incidents and problems
  • Learnings from historical incidents applied to find root causes in real time
  • Retraces user journeys step-by-step to identify the exact point where an error occurs


Forecast Capacity Needs

Accurately predicts usage patterns and capacity requirements for up to a year to enable planning months ahead, procuring just in time and optimizing resource utilization.

  • Forecasts server and network capacity needs to help in planning procurement, installation and staffing months in advance
  • Forecasts exactly when you will exceed bandwidth or run out of diskspace
  • Unique AI methods created specifically for an enterprise using deep learning and reinforcement learning techniques drive accurate forecasts

Forecast Incident Volume

Predicts incident volumes and usage pattern for up to a year ahead based on multivariate predictive algorithms and Advanced Intelligent Incident Analytics (AIIA).

  • Accurately forecasts incidents and service request volumes, spikes and lulls months in advance

Detect Potential Failures

Notifies owners before an incident occurs to enable proactive resolution

  • Advanced Intelligent Incident Analytics (AIIA) on historical data identifies patterns, causes and situations that precede or lead to an outage. ZIF notifies stakeholders when a situation is found in real-time.
  • Identifies situations through the entire stack, from application and services to infrastructure and connectivity
  • Alerts days to hours before the failures occur, along with possible corrective actions


Capacity Orchestration

Not only does it tell you when you need resources, ZIF also lets you add, remove, or modify resources right when you need them, with a few clicks.

  • 100+ built-in plug-ins and workflows to let you create diskspace or add VMs and memory in leading cloud providers and on-premise hardware
  • Automatically recycles resources based on usage patterns and dynamically adds resources based on predictions
  • Flexibility to add manual checkpoints for critical or expensive resources

One-Click Auto Remediation

Automates a wide range of simple to complex workflows, service actions and standard operating procedures, and saves at least 30% of your current manual efforts

  • 500+ pre-built workflows to automate most standard operating procedures, ITIL processes and service actions, with minimal configuration
  • 70+ connectors for leading enterprise tools, devices and cloud providers
  • Triggers the execution of runbooks, workflows and service actions with a single click without switching tools

Virtual Engineer

Brings the wait time down to zero and reserves service desk engineering effort for more complex issues, thus boosting overall customer experience and MTTR

  • Provides 24/7/365 support across the globe with zero wait time
  • Chatbot plugin to guide users with troubleshooting for standard problems
  • Customize the self-help tool to suit your enterprise needs
  • Virtual engineer assigns the best engineer to service your tickets and predicts the time by which your ticket will be addressed.