Auto-Discover Applications


  • Get end-to-end visibility of enterprise application and infrastructure dependencies
  • Discover all types of applications, custom and/or off-the-shelf applications on a single platform
  • Understand and visualize your application performance baseline

Application-aware infrastructure view that automatically discovers all applications.

  • Auto-Discovers names and maps every application including end-to-end service delivery topology
  • Supports all types of applications – off-the-shelf, custom developed or composite, in every location including those delivered through a VDI solution
  • Maps topology of all tiers of an application and its supporting infrastructure from layers 2 to 7, in real time

Auto-Discover Users


  • Track productivity and usage in real time
  • Monitor end-user experience
  • Discover unauthorized access

Real time view of all users of every application, including user groups, their access privileges, user experience and more.

  • Dynamically baselines normal user experience for every application and user group, and catches anomalies quickly
  • Compares real time End User Experience with their baselines and measures improvement over time
  • Monitors real time user transactions through response times and throughput to accurately measure application performance
  • Builds an end-user perspective of applications through endpoint agents

Real Time Dynamic Topology Mapping


  • Be aware of real-time dependency mapping changes
  • Get intuitive and interactive UI
  • View application workload sprawl

Complete view of entire IT landscape that auto- updates in real time when changes are detected.

  • Clear visibility of all tiers of the application and its supporting infrastructure from layers 2 to 7
  • Dynamic topology mapping that auto updates in real time when changes are detected
  • Interactive maps that highlights the exceptions and enables drill-down to the root cause


Full Stack Visibility


  • View the entire IT landscape health in a Single Pane of Command.
  • Drill down for quick root cause analysis

Bird’s eye view of the entire stack of the IT landscape.

  • Standalone infrastructure monitoring, application and application performance monitoring, URL monitoring, microservices monitoring, DB and services monitoring with custom metrics
  • Built-in plugins for Outlook, Citrix, Azure and other major enterprise tools

Detect Anomalies


  • Be alerted on exceptions, latencies and deviations
  • Accelerate MTTI of problem areas

Detects exceptions before they become an incident and cause any negative impact.

  • Detects miniscule exceptions that tend to accumulate and result in incidents later
  • Automatically detects and sorts exceptions
  • Detects and prioritizes code level exceptions and failed requests for critical applications
  • Detects surges in application hits and lags in application response.

Application Health Index, User Experience Index


  • Monitor and track user experience
  • Monitor and track application health
  • Get custom metrics that are business relevant

Customizable business relevant metrics and KPIs to keep track of your progress and IT health.

  • Computes User Experience Index empirically based on real time user transactions
  • Monitors application health using an Application Health Index, which is composed of 10 different parameters selected to quantify the holistic health of the application
  • Traces user journeys with a single click


Ingestion and Correlation of Diverse Data


  • Bridge siloes across the IT landscape
  • Identify dependencies and relationships across towers
  • Increase productivity and efficiency through actionable insights

Applies Advanced Intelligent Incident Analytics (AIIA) to uncover valuable insights.

  • Analyzes a wide variety of heterogenous data sets from different data sources
  • Processes petabytes of data in seconds
  • Uses historical and real time data to detect patterns
  • Identifies usage patterns, user behaviour and end user sentiments using natural language processing and text analytics

Noise Nullification


  • Reduce response time
  • Reduce probability of missing a critical alert by 90%
  • Reduce Mean-Time-To-Resolution and event-to-incident ratio

Eliminates duplicate incidents, false positives and any alerts that are insignificant.

  • Filters up to 99.9% of noise
  • Correlates related alerts and sorts events using deep learning techniques
  • Identifies significant alerts and sorts them based on criticality and business priority
  • Eliminates false positives with reinforcement learning techniques

Accelerated Root Cause Analysis


  • Gather contextual knowledge beyond problem solving
  • Develop knowledge base for future planning
  • Eliminate ‘blame storming’ sessions

Identifies root causes of incidents even when they are driven by events that cross siloes

  • Isolates the 20% of the assets that contribute to 80% of the problems through infrastructure heat maps
  • Identifies the real root cause of incidents by differentiating between correlation and causality
  • Back tracks interactive user journeys and data flows to pinpoint exactly where the problem occurred


Forecast Capacity Needs


  • Reduced manual efforts
  • Reduced errors
  • Reduced cost of operations

Predicts ticket volumes, spikes and resource utilization levels up to a year in advance.

  • Provides accurate resource utilization and usage predictions
  • Dynamically orchestrates virtual infrastructure, with minimal manual intervention, on an on-demand basis

Forecast Incident Volume


  • Optimized staffing
  • Proactive IT Operations

Predicts incident volumes and usage pattern for up to a year.

  • Predicts when bandwidth, storage and application hits are most likely to spike or exceed capacity
  • Predicts exactly when a warning would manifest into a problem and suggests possible corrective actions

Detect Potential Failures


  • Drives towards zero outage
  • Proactive IT operations
  • User Experience

Advanced Intelligent Incident Analytics (AIIA) enable identification of patterns and situations that precede an outage.

  • Forecasts exactly when you’ll exceed capacity and face spikes, then takes preventive actions accordingly
  • Identifies problems even when they originate elsewhere – e.g. a change implemented in the network can cause the application to fail
  • Uses AI logic that learn through outages and similar problems to identify the conditions leading to an outage well in advance


Capacity Orchestration


  • Elastic capacity orchestration
  • No performance degradation
  • Reduced efforts

Optimizes infrastructure based on usage, saves resources and accelerates processes.

  • Dynamically creates Virtual Machines based on requirement, accelerating cycle times
  • Enables users to augment disk / memory / network capacity as required, eliminating overhead time in requests and approvals
  • Assigns access rights, permissions and privileges for users and groups appropriately

One-Click Auto-Remediation


  • Reduced cost of operations
  • Reduced errors
  • Reduced incidents

Automates any workflow that has a logical procedure, relieving engineers of routine tasks.

  • Automates runbooks, service actions, and standard operating procedures using 500+ pre-defined workflows,
  • Automates validation, communication to users, reporting and other ITIL procedures
  • Automates workflows completely, or adds manual interventions and defined checkpoints at critical junctures in workflows
  • Enables the same workforce to address a 30% higher ticket volume

Virtual Engineer


  • Enhanced User Experience
  • Reduced cost of operations

Enables faster resolution of simple and common issues by providing 24/7/365 support

  • Auto-triages tickets and assigns them to the most suitable engineer
  • Guides users with common issues using Interactive chats with zero wait time