Predictive Analytics Using AI Applications & AIOps Framework | ZIF.AI

Ensure better performance by forecasting resource utilization

Predicts ticket volumes, spikes and resource utilization levels in advance.

  • Provides accurate resource utilization and usage predictions
  • Dynamically orchestrates virtual infrastructure, with minimal manual intervention, on an on-demand basis


Predictive techniques to prevent outages

ZIFTM leverages predictive analytics to build intelligent and resilient IT systems

Forecast Utilization
Forecast Incident Volume
Detect & Predict Potential Failures
Predict Performance Degradation

Forecast Incident Volume and stay a step ahead

ZIFTM predicts incident volumes and usage pattern for up to a year.

  • Predicts when bandwidth, storage and application hits are most likely to spike or exceed capacity.
  • Predicts exactly when a warning would manifest into a problem and suggests possible corrective actions

Predict Potential Failures & Liabilities

Advanced Intelligent Incident Analytics (AIIA) enable identification of patterns and situations that precede an outage.

  • Forecasts exactly when you’ll exceed capacity and face spikes, then takes preventive actions accordingly
  • Identifies problems even when they originate elsewhere – e.g. a change implemented in the network can cause the application to fail
  • Uses AI logic that learn through outages and similar problems to identify the conditions leading to an outage well in advance

Predict Performance Degradation

Forecasting system behavior helps identify potential performance degradation leading to a future application failure.

  • It enables increased availability of systems and cost avoidance.

Other Features