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ZIFTM granted a US Patent for Streaming MIB Data using SNMP

September 19, 2021

The AIOps platform, Zero Incident FrameworkTM (ZIFTM) employs this new communication menthodology in its ‘Discover’ module

Princeton, New Jersey, September 19, 2021 – ZIFTM has been granted yet another patent by the US Patent Office (Patent number US 10,986,213 B2) in the field of Communication over Networks. The Discover module in ZIFTM deploys this patented method to collect data from the endpoints. This invention send MIB (Management Information Base) data from SNMP agents to an SNMP manager in the most efficient way by sending only differential data instead of the entire data.

There have been many attempts by various inventors to address some of the challenges in the communication of SNMP data between agents and Manager. But none of them addressed the inefficient way of transmitting SNMP data. This invention caters to an SNMP proxy sending only differential MIB data whenever polled.

“Thanks to this new method of SNMP communication, we can achieve maximum throughput and the best efficiency in the discovery of devices.” said Suresh Kumar Ramasamy, Product Engineering leader, ZIFTM.

Sumit Ganguli, CEO, GAVS, said, “Our relentless search to make our AIOps platform ZIFTM complete and independent lands us to this invention. The decision to add Discovery functionality into ZIF has led to this invention. There are more to come.”

Streaming MIB Data Using SNMP – A Patented Network Management Capability

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