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Capacity Orchestration

Optimizes infrastructure based on usage, saves resources and accelerates processes.

  • Dynamically creates Virtual Machines based on requirement, accelerating cycle times
  • Enables users to augment disk / memory / network capacity as required, eliminating overhead time in requests and approvals
  • Assigns access rights, permissions and privileges for users and groups appropriately

Streamline workload with Intelligent Automation

ZIF’s intelligent automation makes operations run faster and more efficiently

Capacity Orchestration
One-Click Auto-Remediation
Chatbot Integration

One-Click Auto-Remediation

Automates any workflow that has a logical procedure, relieving engineers of routine tasks.

  • Automates runbooks, service actions, and standard operating procedures using 500+ pre-defined workflows
  • Automates validation, communication to users, reporting and other ITIL procedures
  • Automates workflows completely, or adds manual interventions and defined checkpoints at critical junctures in workflows
  • Enables the same workforce to address a 30% higher ticket volume

Chatbot Integration

Enables faster resolution of simple and common issues by providing 24/7/365 support

  • Auto-triages tickets and assigns them to the most suitable engineer
  • Guides users with common issues using Interactive chats with zero wait time

Other Features