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AIOps is transitioning how companies look at their IT operations and run them. This AI-driven system is leading to a highly efficient and innovative mindset of many companies. Many organizations are depending on AIOps to lead them through the fast-paced changes in technology and here are some prime examples of how this works.

Future thinking with FedEx

FedEx Services is a globally known shipping company that relies heavily on IT to fulfill its logistics services. From the time a package is taken into one of its offices to the time of delivery and feedback, there’s a lot of data generated from systems and applications. Any glitch or issues in one of these systems would result in a crash that could affect the service assurance and revenue generation of FedEx. Any downtime or delay in troubleshooting costs a lot of money and here’s where AIOps has been helping the company’s IT team handle it better. With AIOps, the team monitors and prepares for any potential threats in the process and is able to solve them in seconds. AI-automated root cause analysis solution plays an important role in running the numerous systems in the FedEx operations. The predictive analysis model helps them prepare for contingencies rather than be taken by surprise when an issue arises.

Zomato’s zoom deliveries

innovative thinking. Zomato, a food delivery company started in India has quickly made its way to the top and its success story is something to ponder. AIOps helps Zomato’s IT team analyze potential peak delivery and order zones so that a delivery agent can move to such zones after a delivery is completed. This saves time and effort while contributing to Zomato’s fast delivery reputation. AIOps has sparked tremendous changes in how companies absorb large amounts of data. This has led to real-time data-based decisions and efficiency management. Many corporations tend to heavily rely on technology to fulfill or support their core services. In such scenarios, AIOps contributes to service reliability.

IOps in healthcare

virtual assistant and better processing of medical imaging. Not just this, AI-driven systems see better IT efficiency and security in the institutes. Healthcare is a sensitive platform that needs to be operational 24/7 for patients. Using AIOps can remove the requirement of human interference in basic systems like front desk, patient data, and other processes that can be done with the help of technology. The need for service availability can be judged using data on what the peak hours are and assign engineers accordingly. This reduces overhead costs and improves patient care in the system.

How can your company benefit from AIOps?

1. Data Monitoring & Absorption

With the advancement in technology, every field from finance, healthcare, FMCG and others rely on smart systems to function. These create lots of data from systems and applications used to run the business smoothly. AIOps can retrieve, store, analyze and constantly monitor data and provide useful insights in real-time. Real-time user monitoring tools come in handy in a wide variety of situations, prominently to reduce downtime and benefit from quick decisions. Retrieve, analyze, and monitor tons of data generated by systems, applications, and more.

2. Reduced Overhead Cost

AIOps are quickly replacing human-led operations and offering efficient services with fewer errors. While traditional approaches have benefited IT operations, upgrading systems based on today’s needs will help you remove inconsistencies, risk of obsolete data, and reduce costs incurred in salaries. A prominent example would be AIOps systems taking over service desks. Resource allocation is also one of the perks of AIOps as the company can judge the timeframe that sees the highest demand and assign engineers as needed. Work shifts can also be planned using this data.

3. Anomaly Detection & Root Cause Analysis

With AI-driven systems, the company can focus on resolving a pain point. AIOps scours through data and detects anomalies that can be resolved faster than traditional methods. It can also probe into the source of events and issues even in complex environments. Thus, making the company less prone to downtime and crashes.

4. Proactive Problem Solving

Using the insights derived from AIOps, the company and the IT team can then take measures to figure the triggers involved in each event. Real-time solutions by programming alerts or rectifying such issues allow the company to be prepared and proactive in troubleshooting.

5. Automation at Every Step

IT automation with AI is another benefit your company will see as a part of AIOps. Automated resolutions to common issues, automated AI discovery tools and more can be implemented to make the IT system efficient and reliable. This reduces the need for manual intervention and is a quicker solution.

Many companies are seeing great advancement with the adoption of AIOps in their IT systems.

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