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How Can Telecom Companies Leverage Machine Learning to Increase Their Profits and Reduce Operational Cost?

March 29. 2022
AIOps digital transformation solutions

Telecom companies work with communications data to provide good services to clients. However, providing these services can also result in high operational costs. Using AIOps digital transformation solutions to change manual systems to cloud-based environments can lead to more efficient networks. But these networks must be optimized to get the highest profits, and this is possible through the implementation of machine learning in Telecom Infra.

Application of Machine Learning to Increase Profits

The use of machine learning algorithms can be beneficial for Telecom. These solutions help to increase profits in the following ways.

  • Improvement in Network Security

The profits in any industry come from the favorable response to services and products that increases sales. However, for clients to trust the services of a particular company, it is essential to provide secure communications channels. Machine learning can assist in increasing and enhancing network security. If appropriately leveraged, machine learning and specific algorithms can monitor the networks to ensure that every part is protected and functional.

The implementation of machine learning on global networks assists in analyzing data collected from these networks. The information of previous security threats can be analyzed and used to predict future threats. Algorithms can sift through vast volumes of data from the networks and determine the root cause of security issues. Once these issues get resolved, the overall security of the networks will improve. This improvement in network security will make the Telecom company more reliable to clients and thus increase profits.

  • Enhanced Fraud Management

Like other companies across industries that deal with confidential information, Telecom companies use cyber security and compliance services to keep that information safe. However, the Telecom industry still faces many fraudulent calls and attacks on other communication services. If the fraudulent communications continue to affect and block networks, the customer service and interactions are bound to suffer, affecting the revenue.

Telecom companies need to eliminate fraudulent calls and services to generate significant profits through customer communications. Thus, a robust fraud management system is essential, and it can be provided by leveraging machine learning algorithms.

There can be fraudulent activities on various telecommunication channels and devices that impact customer service. If a Telecom company wants to generate profits through its services, it is essential to eliminate these interferences. The use of machine learning and algorithms helps to detect these fraudulent communications and activities and secure the channels so that such issues do not continue to occur. Algorithms can monitor behavioral patterns in the networks, and detect fake profiles of callers, third parties gaining illegal access, and cloning of call profiles. Once detected, AIOps solutions can suggest ways of eliminating and preventing these issues based on the overall condition of the networks.

Telecom companies cannot gain any revenue from fraudulent communications or blank calls. Moreover, specific fake callers can try to extort through illegal access. All of these can affect the profits of Telecom companies. Therefore, it is crucial to utilize AI and machine learning for fraud management.

  • Better Customer Service

Good customer service is essential when it comes to generating significant revenue. A Telecom company needs to provide good services and assistance to existing and potential customers to get sales. This is possible through functional and enhanced operations.

Telecom companies can invest in the best AIOps platforms software and utilize AI solutions, including machine learning algorithms, to create a system that is accessible and responsive to customers. This is possible through virtual assistants and chatbots. Chatbot interfaces, mainly, are helpful for instant resolution of issues. Improvement in customer service can ensure that clients are satisfied with the Telecom company and are willing to buy the services and products.

Use of Machine Learning to Create Cost-Effective Systems

Machine learning can ensure that all systems and networks are cost-effective. Below are ways in which the adoption of such technology can help to reduce operational costs.

  • Optimization of Global Networks

Operational costs often increase due to increased reliance on the human workforce. This primarily happens because labor costs increase, and there is also an expense of resources that a company needs to bear. To create a more cost-effective system in Telecom companies, there is a need for fully optimized networks. Optimized networks in telecommunications will provide high connectivity and function without disruptions.

The implementation of machine learning can be instrumental in the predictive analysis of data available through the networks. This data is collected and analyzed, along with historical data. The insights obtained help predict issues within the system and facilitate Network optimization. Since this helps eliminate anomalies, fewer resources are needed to resolve the problems. Optimized networks in the Telecom industry are often self-healing networks that resolve issues at once with machine learning and algorithms, thus eliminating the cost of resources and human intervention.

Networks that underperform can require human intervention, and they are not as cost-effective as optimized networks. Therefore, Telecom companies often invest in implementing AIOps solutions and machine learning to create self-optimizing networks. It is possible to monitor these networks through predictive analysis and ensure that all parts are optimized. The optimization of global networks can also assist in predicting and consequently resolving equipment failure before it results in an outage of severe impact.

  • Automation of Rule-Based Business Processes

Numerous rule-based business processes occur every day. These monotonous tasks can be easily automated by implementing AIOps artificial intelligence for IT operations and machine learning. Such solutions make the business processes efficient and error-free and save on operational costs.

The costs usually increase when manual labor is spent on mundane tasks like sending emails for marketing purposes, completing forms, and collecting data. These can also get tedious, resulting in errors that drive operational costs. Therefore, automation of these processes is crucial. Automation ensures that all communications services are efficient and improves the accuracy of networks.


Telecom companies can benefit from the diligent application of machine learning and IT Automation with AI. Automated networks and infrastructure require fewer external resources and can function independently. Such networks also ensure increased customer satisfaction, primarily by streamlining communication channels. Therefore, the Telecom industry must invest in machine learning algorithms and AI solutions.

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