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5G isn’t a distant future technology at present. Already many business organizations are using 5G networks for enhanced communication and increased service availability. Many communication service providers are now offering 5G infrastructure services. As the craze of 5G increases, there is a need for a compatible technology to manage the 5G infrastructures. It is where researchers and business organizations are realizing the usefulness of AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations). Read on to know how AIOps can revolutionize 5G in today’s digital era.

AIOps is highly compatible with 5G technology

5G is considered a futuristic technology that allows people to work faster. In the context of the industry, the speed of business processes can be enhanced with 5G technology. Many business processes and services rely heavily on the internet and its services. With 5G, business services can easily connect with the internet at a huge speed. Employees of any company can boost service availability with 5G technology. However, the biggest challenge is to find a technology equally as fast as 5G.

AIOps has developed as a reliable, fast, and secure technology. It is perfectly compatible with 5G in conducting high-speed processes. Not only will AIOps allow machines to work at the intelligence level of humans, but also enhance the speed. When AIOps and 5G work together, service reliability and availability will be automatically boosted.

Data analysis with AIOps and 5G

When a business organization is working on a 5G network, huge chunks of data are created every second. The data can be present on software systems, cloud platforms, or user devices. How to manage the vast amount of data produced within a 5G network? A business organization cannot overlook the vast amount of data produced as it may contain rich insights. As a result, there is a demand for AI data analytics monitoring tools. AIOps has evolved as a technology for analysing vast amounts of data at regular intervals.

An AIOps-based analytics platform can collect data from multiple 5G sources. If 5G produces data at a great pace, AIOps can store and analyse it in real-time. According to stats, there will be more than 100 billion 5G connections across the globe by 2025. More 5G device connections mean more amount of data will be produced. No other technology can manage such a large amount of data other than AIOps. Be it a CSP (Communication Service Provider) or a business organization, AIOps can help them monitor and control the 5G network.

The need for zero-touch service management

As the number of 5G devices grows, a new headache arises for CSPs. When there are many 5G devices and touchpoints, service management becomes harder. The growth of IoT has also boosted the growth of 5G devices around the globe. With the increasing craze of digital transformation services and solutions, the number of 5G devices will increase in the coming years. Under no circumstances will it be possible to manage the 5G services on such a large scale manually.

Consider a 5G network servicing more than a million endpoints and nodes. How would you manage 5G services across so many endpoints manually? That is why there is a need for zero-touch service management of 5G services. With AIOps, CSPs can induce automation into their service management department. Even with the increase of endpoints connected across a 5G network, service availability will not decline with AIOps.

AIOps platforms allow you to monitor the performance of endpoints remotely. Also, an AIOps-based analytics platform will enhance its capabilities with each exposure. AIOps-based analytics platforms are intentionally exposed to new challenges. As a result, they learn from their mistakes with more and more training data.

AIOps and 5G are a boon for business organizations and CSPs

Business organizations should develop a proactive service management framework to exploit AIOps in its entirety. Business organizations that have started using the 5G network should adopt an AIOps strategy with no second thought. How AIOps and 5G can help business organizations are as follows:

  • AIOps can help you with routing in a 5G network. You can select a pre-defined path for the incoming traffic with AIOps. Business organizations struggle with application-level traffic routing in particular. AIOps takes over the application-level routing without any human interaction. One can automate the routing processes in 5G networks with the help of AIOps.
  • AIOps can offer quality-of-service assurance to business organizations using 5G networks. Besides business organizations, CSPs can also boost their service reliability and availability with AIOps. One can regularly monitor the shortcomings across a 5G network with the help of AIOps digital transformation solutions.
  • Every business organization has several software systems connected to the 5G network. The software systems ensure high service availability while running on a 5G network. However, there is a need for performance management to ensure the continuous functioning of the software systems. The same goes for a CSP that uses many software systems for the delivery of 5G services. For regular monitoring and performance management, you need AIOps. System/application performance monitoring with AIOps is a continuous and automated process.
  • Consider there occurs an issue within a vast 5G network. How would you know the exact endpoint where the problem has occurred within the 5G network? Well, you need an effective technology for root cause analysis during incidents. CSPs can use an AI-based automated root cause analysis solution to find the source of network issues quickly.
  • CSPs can identify errors within a 5G network even before a client informs them about it. AIOps-based analytics platforms are better at identifying patterns between data points and events. Similarly, business organizations that have installed 5G networks can identify incidents before they hamper service reliability. Overall, 5G operational tasks become more scalable, faster, and reliable with AIOps.

In a nutshell

By the end of 2025, 5G is expected to take over the traditional communications networks. As per the trends, AIOps will play a major role in the success of 5G technology. Boost your IT infrastructure with AIOps and 5G technology in 2022!

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