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How AIOps Helps the Managed Service Providers Break Down the Organizational Silos

October 11. 2022
aiops platform for it operations

Every business must work with data and there are many processes and services involved in using, storing, and analyzing this data. There may be multiple functional teams and communication between them may not always be ideal. A silo mentality leads to internal issues within IT organizations. Therefore, it is important for companies to invest in AIOps. India has been the undisputed leader in the IT outsourcing industry over the years. The MSPs in India need to address this issue of organizational Silos in order to sustain their position as the global outsourcing hub. The best AIOps platforms software will offer the necessary tools to be used by top Managed Service Providers in India to break down these silos. This will thus allow operations teams to respond quickly and offer better solutions in building end-to-end processes.

What are Organizational Silos and Why Is It Necessary to Break Them Down?

Organizational silos are present in most IT infrastructures. It is usually a resource or a functional team that works in one vertical. This vertical will often be cut off or not in accordance with the other verticals like the tech stack or the organization chart within the IT infrastructure. Therefore, when the demands change, it gets difficult to respond to them and change the approach or the processes as required. There is a necessity to build and run end-to-end business processes. However, due to siloed data, these processes are not possible and there are issues in the functioning of the business. There can even be certain siloed applications that interfere with these business processes. If there are any siloed IT teams, then these can delay the functioning of service providers and slow down the application of specific solutions. This usually occurs due to a lack of cooperation among various functional teams.

Businesses often utilize IT operations management software to deal with various processes and functions. However, this is not usually focused on the breaking down of silos. Earlier, there was no problem with organizational silos. These silos would provide support to specializations or the division of teams or labor. This proved to be advantageous in manufacturing and even IT, for a while. With the continuation of technological advancements, IT teams now utilize disparate systems which create verticals that become silos. Now, most businesses are not used to these disparate systems and the processes are not suitable for such environments. Therefore, the verticals are now becoming too isolated. Due to the limitations of connections, it is difficult for IT teams to work with these silos. Teams are often not up for collaboration and if the information is not shared, it hampers the functioning of the business and affects the service availability.

While silos may be present for enabling specializations, as that increases the efficiency of the processes, there can also be numerous problems due to the isolation. Collaboration is necessary and data management processes and services are constantly evolving, and IT teams need to keep track of it all. Quick collaborations and delivery of solutions across processes or functions are not possible if silos exist. To break these down, it is important to use managed service providers or MSPs. These, with the help of AIOps solutions, can help to break down silos and achieve IT cost optimization.

Following are some ways in which silos can affect IT operations.

  • Siloed teams may not be aware of solutions to a specific problem across functions. This will result in duplication of solutions and cause additional problems.
  • When working with disparate systems, it is challenging to connect different systems. This also leads to improper integrations which are unreliable.
  • Operations teams fail to communicate with each other, and software engineering becomes inefficient, affecting business processes.

How MSPs Break Down Organizational Silos with AIOps

A business requires a wide range of services and processes to function properly. As operations change, due to changing demands, these processes will have to transform as well. This is where the IT infrastructure managed services are necessary. Businesses often outsource the task of determining and maintaining the range of functions and processes required to managed service providers or MSPs. MSPs must analyze the business conditions and anticipate if any of these processes need to be changed or added. Businesses also rely on MSPs when there are budget constraints, and it is more efficient to outsource instead of keeping permanent staff for certain tasks.

MSPs can also tackle the task of managing and breaking down silos. However, before breaking down the silos, it is essential to identify these. As silos can be tech or team silos, there are different practices that MSPs can use. AIOps is instrumental in providing the necessary tools for this identification. A thorough analysis of data collection and storage can help to understand if the data is in silos. For tech silos, there may be several tools that are redundant. This is a sign of tech silos. Analysis of these applications with the help of AIOps solutions will allows MSPs to figure out if these are relevant or if they are unnecessary.

To ensure smooth functioning of business processes, and efficiency across various functions, it is essential to break down silos. AIOps tools help to do this in the following ways.

  • AIOps-led optimization can improve transparency across the business infrastructure. This is also true in the case of the IT teams. If information is analyzed and identified in real-time, it is easier to manage the data. The data will not go into silos, and it is easier to respond to any incidents as they happen.
  • Once the siloed teams are identified, it is essential for the teams to be brought together for better communication. If issues with existing processes can be analyzed by the teams, then it will be easier to break down silos. This is done through the implementation of AIOps. AIOps solutions also help to optimize and automate processes, thus cutting down on the need for human intervention. This also helps to reduce the risk of more siloed teams.
  • AIOps can be utilized by MSPs to improve the time taken for collaboration across departments. This enhances communication and allows teams to have a fair understanding of how the other teams function. Through AIOps-based service management, there can be actual discussions and sharing of information that can break down the existing silos.


AIOps Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations is currently being utilized across multiple industries in India. AIOps tools are instrumental in optimization and automation with the help of machine learning. This helps to create efficient IT infrastructure and can thus assist MSPs in ensuring silos do not hamper the end-to-end business processes. Thus, the top Managed Service Providers in India should consider using AIOps to provide their customers with seamless service and customer experience.


AIOps Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations is currently being utilized across industries. AIOps tools are instrumental in optimization and automation with the help of machine learning. This helps to create efficient IT infrastructure and can thus assist MSPs in ensuring silos do not hamper the end-to-end business processes.

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