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How AIOps Helps Managed Service Providers Create New Revenue Streams

October 11. 2022
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Businesses constantly outsource tasks, and this is a revenue stream for managed service providers or MSPs. However, as technology advances, MSPs have a bigger role to play. AIOps for MSP monitoring is not very novel technology but it is evolving and finding its way into various systems, across industries. MSPs can leverage AIOps solutions to provide better services to businesses that increase efficiency and ensure desired outcomes. This allows MSPs to venture into newer possibilities that can generate greater revenue.

Top Ways for MSPs to Create Revenue Streams with AIOps

MSPs determine the need for specific applications and then manage the related processes and functions within certain business infrastructures. However, there is a wide scope for revenue growth that MSPs can tap into, and this is in the varied services that they can provide.

  • Cyber Security and Compliance

All companies deal with a huge amount of sensitive information and this data needs to be protected at all costs. This is why businesses invest in cyber security. However, it is not enough to just use cyber security measures. Businesses need to ensure that it is the right kind of protection and that every process is in compliance with the pre-existing norms. MSPs can provide cyber security and compliance services, and this will be a rewarding revenue stream. AIOps solutions like predictive analytics and anomaly detection can assist in this case. MSPs can analyze the systems and check for anomalies or potential issues and utilize AIOps to determine possible remediation solutions. This service is of particular importance across industries. Every business needs to find the best possible cyber security services for its infrastructures. MSPs can take this task off their hands and ensure that the operations teams can function without worrying about the risks. When MSPs utilize AIOps solutions for cyber security and compliance, they can also ensure that there will be no system-wide shutdowns as anomalies will be detected before they cause any lasting damage.

  • System Monitoring and Operations Management

MSPs play a big role in system monitoring and operations management thus ensuring service availability. Every business has numerous servers and databases that function simultaneously. Managing the processes of each is difficult for operations teams and it is also time-consuming. Therefore, most companies prefer to outsource certain aspects of the business processes to MSPs and that is the primary revenue stream. However, in recent times, with the assistance of AIOps solutions, MSPs can also offer thorough monitoring of all systems to ensure increased efficiency of operations. This service allows operations teams to focus on mission-critical tasks while the MSPs take care of optimization and automation of functions through AIOps solutions.

  • Cloud Migration Support

On-premises IT infrastructure can no longer support business demands across industries. As networks continue to generate huge volumes of data, it gets difficult to store information securely. Therefore, there is a need for a cloud-based system. Digital transformation from on-premises Infra to cloud-native architectures is crucial. However, the process is also complex, and applications need to be integrated into the cloud environment. Through AIOps-led IT operations management software, MSPs can ensure that the cloud migration process goes smoothly, and that the functionality of the business is maintained. MSPs can prevent downtime and perform actions that help to determine if there are any issues within the system with the help of AIOps. This is a potential source of revenue and can be quite lucrative if the right solutions like root cause analysis, predictive analytics, big data, and machine learning are leveraged.

  • Integration of Hosted VoIP

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is the technology that enables people to make calls over the internet. There is no need for an analog phone line as VoIP allows calls to be made using one’s broadband internet connection. Telecommunications companies often utilize this technology. However, it is essential to integrate hosted VoIP with applications specific to the needs of the customers. Voice communications are necessary for every business and are not limited to the telecommunications industry. Therefore, MSPs have a wide range of places to provide their services to and thus, can generate more revenue. AIOps can help to automate and integrate VoIP and increase the productivity of the business. MSPs implement AIOps for various tasks like voice message to text, CRM integrations, and effective call screenings. VoIP integration through AIOps is also cost-effective for a company and MSPs can lead with this to secure the business from them.

  • Support On-the-Go

Businesses are no longer bound by physical limitations. Office spaces are being modified to be more flexible and on-premises IT architecture is transforming into cloud-based systems. Thus, there is a need for supporting such mobile activities and cloud services. There are several wireless companies that offer services to clients who are always on the go. MSPs can partner with such businesses to ensure the availability of security solutions for clients who require mobile services. In many cases, MSPs that provide comprehensive and constant mobile support, become the most essential business resource and this is bound to become a successful revenue stream. It is also a sustainable revenue stream as the demand for mobile support is increasing with every passing day. More and more clients want on-the-go services and companies need to outsource certain tasks to meet these demands.

AIOP-Assisted Managed Services That Ensure Revenue Growth for MSPs

AIOps digital transformation solutions are the most important tools for MSPs that assist in cloud migration. Businesses are changing infrastructures to keep up with the shifting markets and are reliant on this technology. Therefore, MSPs too are utilizing a wide range of AIOps solutions to provide the best services. Following are some of the services that are great revenue streams for MSPs, and these are applicable to various industries.

  • Private and Public Cloud
  • Compliance Assessment
  • Automation of Professional Services
  • Recovery Services in the event of an IT Disaster

These are in addition to the IT infrastructure managed services that are already offered by MSPs. when combined with the basic IT services, these can ensure a sustained form of revenue.


The best AIOps platforms software for MSP monitoring has tools that are beneficial in creating multiple opportunities. These involve optimization and automation of networks that ensure cost-effective solutions for businesses. When MSPs implement these tools, they can provide a range of services in almost every department of a business. Therefore, AIOps is the essential factor in creating new revenue streams for MSPs.

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