Contextual Intelligence Essential for Business Service Assurance

Contextual intelligence is the ability to adapt knowledge and skills to particular situations and environments. Contextual intelligence which enables efficient decision-making through the embedded AI and automation becomes critical for guaranteeing service levels reliability to the end users.

Developing contextual intelligence requires continual learning, validation, reinforcement or correction of decisions made in the dynamically changing ITOps landscape.

This webinar hosted by our Strategic Advisor, Kerrie Hoffman, and presented by our CTO, Sri Chaganty, will focus on the significance of developing contextual intelligence for guaranteeing Business Service Reliability in IT Service Management and Operations.

Webinar – Business Service Reliability with AI

Register now for our upcoming webinar on Business Service Reliability with AI.

Three essential components of AI technology have seen significant growth over the past years which has accelerated and expanded the uses of AI in ITOps:

  1. Computational power
  2. Access to large sets of data
  3. Continuously improving complex data mining algorithms

This webinar will be hosted by our Strategic Advisor, Kerrie Hoffman and presented by our CTO, Sri Chaganty will focus on how ITOps can leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to guarantee business service reliability.

AIOps: Exploring the future of IT operations in the digital age

GAVS is hosting a webinar on “AIOps: Exploring the future of IT operations in the digital age” featuring Ashwin Venkatesan, Practice Director, Everest Group and Rajiv Kanna, VP – Products, GAVS Technologies. In this webcast, our expert business and technology practitioners discussed the future of the industry, how it affects us, and how hybrid based cloud platforms, and Artificial Intelligence led IT Operations (AIOps) will be a game changer for this industry.

Modern enterprises with complex, accelerated and hyper-scaled IT environments need actionable and predictive insights to better manage their vast IT infrastructure with huge influx of data. AIOps leverages big data and machine learning techniques for continuous insights and improvements. This helps AIOps proactively manage performance challenges faster, and in real-time making the organization agile and scalable.


  • AIOps: A foundational element for digital operations
  • Exploring potential benefits and use cases
  • Establishing a holistic framework for value measurement
  • Enterprises adoption playbook: Key barriers, challenges, and best practices
  • Zero incident FrameworkTM – AIOps platform that enables proactive detection and remediation of incidents helping organizations drive towards a Zero Incident EnterpriseTM