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Organizations across industries are changing with the times. There is an increase in the use of technology within the workplace, so much so that workplaces are now turning online or at least digital. While AIOps and digital transformation services and solutions are available for increasing the adaptability and scalability of systems, it is equally important to focus on how employees are taking to the changes. Therefore, Digital Employee Experience is necessary, and HR departments need to be aware of it.

How Can HR Use Digital Employee Experience Platforms (DEX) to Boost Employee Engagement?

Digital Employee Experience (DEX) platforms are primarily focused on improving employee participation and experience within the organization. While these platforms can simply exist across systems, it is important to monitor them and optimize them when necessary. The Human Resources Department of a particular organization can use the DEX platforms to its advantage when analyzing employee information and preparing for improved employee engagement. The correct utilization of DEX will enable employees to have better work experiences, and this will reflect in the organization’s productivity and Business Reliability.

Some of the ways HR can increase employee efficiency and engagement by using DEX have been discussed below:

  • Regular Training Sessions to Improve Efficiency

Training sessions are crucial if organizations want to promote adaptability, flexibility, and efficiency among employees. However, knowing what training sessions are necessary is equally important. The use of DEX platforms allows HR to determine employee requirements and tailor training sessions to ensure that these are beneficial to employee growth. DEX platforms are usually enabled by artificial intelligence solutions like machine learning, predictive analytics, and natural language processing. The specific combination of AIOps tools helps to automate training processes, process feedback from the sessions, and provide insights. Thus, if HR is using a DEX platform, human intervention or manual training is not necessary. Employees can simply use the platforms to gain access to certain sessions, complete the training, and provide feedback. This reduces overall costs, saves time, and increases organizational efficiency.

  • Prompt Collection and Analysis of Feedback

DEX platforms can implement AI solutions like predictive analytics for analyzing employee data. This data is often focused on how an employee is functioning within the organization, how they are benefitting from the work culture, what the problems are, and what requires more attention or possible remediation. To understand employee engagement and satisfaction, it is important to analyze such data. But that is not possible manually. This is where HR can rely on DEX platforms. These platforms can collect and analyze feedback from employees and provide actionable insights.

  • Automation of Mundane Processes

Most organizations utilize IT automation with AI for various processes. These can also be used to improve employee engagement. Implementing artificial intelligence in DEX will allow a deeper understanding of which processes need to be automated for the benefit of the employees. Employees do not need to spend hours on routine processes, and automation will allow them to focus on other critical aspects of the business. It will also reduce errors. Automation is also going to reduce unnecessary stress and help employees interact more and engage in collaborative approaches and innovations.

  • Availability of Collaborative Tools for Increased Productivity

Various teams function within an organization and more often than not, everybody is not at the same location. This requires teams to put in more effort to ensure that communication channels are open. However, DEX platforms can help to eliminate inconveniences. If HR observes insights available through DEX analysis, it is possible to understand what tools are necessary. Employees may benefit from virtual help desks for prompt assistance, single sign-ins may help to save time when employees must access multiple sites while completing a task, or online collaborative platforms might help to bring teams together while discussing projects. If such tools are made available to employees, it will boost their productivity and encourage participation at work, thus enhancing Service Reliability.

Why Should HR Prioritize Digital Employee Experience (DEX)?

Many organizations are undergoing major shifts in the post-pandemic months. While this affects various processes, it also has an impact on employees. That is why it is critical to ensure employees can work properly and have the right tools to prevent burnout or inefficiency.

Following are some of the reasons why company HR departments need to prioritize DEX in recent times.

  • Worker Retention

Employee sustainability is critical to business development. DEX platforms help to ensure an ethical and sustainable work culture in an organization. By providing the right tools and training to employees, organizations can keep them motivated and provide space for them to work and grow.

  • Increase in Profitability

Every organization is focused on increasing profitability. But for that to happen, every process needs to be at its peak performance level. While using tools like IT operations management software can help, some processes require human intervention. To assist employees to focus better and getting critical tasks completed on time, the use of DEX platforms is essential.

  • Improved Customer Experience

Customers are vital to the continuation of a business. But to attract customers, organizations need to provide the best service and products. Customer experience is often reflected in employee engagement, primarily because interactions, provision of services, advertisement of products, and other processes are monitored and often conducted by employees. Therefore, if employees are satisfied in an organization, there is a high chance of a boost in customer experience.


Digital Employee Experience (DEX) platforms allow organizations to understand their employees better and make informed decisions when it comes to changing work processes or introducing new solutions. By implementing artificial intelligence tools such as AIOps and digital transformation solutions and machine learning, HR can ensure that DEX platforms are optimized and beneficial for all employees, and better Service Reliability is provided.

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