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Every company is moving towards IT automation with AI, and automation bots are gaining popularity. They assist with numerous issues and mainly focus on accurate detection and resolution of incidents that can affect the system.

How Can Automation Bots Help with Incident Resolution?

Incident resolution or management needs to be quick, if not instantaneous. If there is a lag, it can affect the entire system. When automation bots are used, they help to quickly detect the root cause and correct the issue before it has a great impact on the system. Automation bots assist with two primary aspects when it comes to incident resolution and management. These include:

  • Bugs that Compromise User Experience

User experience is one of the most important things for a business to be successful. However, various bugs within the system can lead to a poor user experience. It usually happens when there is a technical issue, and an application or a service fails to perform at its highest level. If automation bots are used, they immediately set off an automated workflow that will record the problem and issue a ticket. The operations team can use this information to understand the problem and find possible solutions. Suppose the problem is critical and can cause potential damage to the system. In that case, the bot will escalate it to engineering for a quick resolution. Now, once the problem has been solved, one can either close the channel through which all information and commands were passing or archive the data. When data is archived, it is easier to access possible solutions if the bots detect a similar problem.

  • Issues with Printer Connectivity

Printer connectivity issues are usually critical to the business and can get complicated. Since printer connectivity issues are internal matters, it is usually expected that the workforce or employees will take care of it themselves. However, this also leaves room for error. Since it is critical and can affect internal platforms, it is wise to avoid human intervention, as that may result in many unnecessary errors. Automation bots, particularly chatbots, can assist in this case. The chatbot services will monitor the connectivity to detect the cause and help with troubleshooting. Bots will provide the necessary information to the employee, and they can easily get the printer connection working again. The issue will be escalated to engineering for further consideration if it gets complex.

Automation bots are primarily used to resolve potential incidents because they ensure optimization and efficiency. If the human error continues, the system might fail altogether. Even if an outage does not happen, errors and latency can make the system vulnerable. Companies may invest in the best cyber security and compliance services, but without automation, the risks will continue to be present. Therefore, automation bots are also important for maintaining security.

The following are some of the other benefits of implementing automation bots for incident resolution and management:

  • Saves Time and Resources

Automation bots are usually used to resolve incidents that occur within routine processes or systems. This frees up resources and saves a lot of labor and time. It is not possible for operations teams and other employees to constantly track threats, particularly potential threats that have yet to affect any part of the system. However, automation bots can do this in an instant. Therefore, the implementation of automation bots allows employees to focus on more significant work. They can spend more time working on crucial projects for business growth and development.

  • Quick Tracking of Ticket Progress

Since automated bots can help with internal issues like printer connectivity issues, employees can easily track the process. Suppose the operations team or any professional must raise a ticket. In that case, they can track that progress, and automation guarantees transparency. The tracking procedure will show whether the issue has been resolved or has become critical and needs more advanced solutions. Employees can easily access the tracking record. They will not have to use separate applications or collaborate with other teams for more information if the issue does not escalate.

  • Competitive Advantage

Incident resolution and management are primarily for ensuring cybersecurity. The lack of proper measures can lead to increased vulnerability and inefficiency. Therefore, if a company can show that it uses automation bots to analyze, optimize, and monitor business processes for potential threats, it will have a clear edge over others in the industry. Interested candidates, IT professionals, and clients will trust the company more, and business will continue to develop.

Challenges of Robotic Process Automation Bots

Automation is essential for the IT infrastructure to function without error. The bots ensure that the infrastructure is optimized and interactive for a better user experience. This is especially possible because of robotic process automation, or RPA. RPA in infrastructure management assists in creating software solutions that can deploy and manage bots. These automation bots can emulate human interactions and thus provide a great digital experience for employees and clients.

While RPA is essential and businesses should implement the technology, it does come with a few challenges. These have been listed below.

  • The primary challenge is finding the right tasks for automation. There may be multiple tasks that can be automated, but bots need to be used in areas that will ensure maximum benefit.
  • There needs to be a proper management and monitoring system in place to ensure that the bots are performing well. Without such a system, there is bound to be RPA failure.
  • There is a lack of governance when it comes to RPA and automation bots. Once automated, the operations team will not have complete control over specific processes. This may be a bit of a challenge for some.

Like any other technology, RPA has its challenges. However, if businesses can invest in proper solutions, it is easy to overcome the complexities.


IT infrastructure managed services require automation to reduce human intervention needed elsewhere. There needs to be clear segregation of what tasks need to be automated and which are critical enough to be handled by the human workforce. Automation bots are available to make systems safer and more efficient in the long run.

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