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Application Performance Monitoring: How to Evaluate and Pick the Best Platform for Your Needs

January 26. 2022
Application Performance Monitoring

Applications are constantly being developed and updated, and therefore, they can be pretty complex. Therefore, their performances need to be monitored. There are numerous application performance monitoring platforms available. However, it is crucial to pick one that is most suitable. One should choose an application performance monitoring platform to improve visibility and provide impactful insights.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing an Application Performance Monitoring Platform

Following are some key factors that can influence the performance reports. Consider these before picking a platform.

  • Programming Language

Application performance monitoring platforms will have to track and monitor several programming languages. Therefore, they may include multiple languages or just a few. When looking for the best application performance monitoring platform that will provide error-free service, it is wise to opt for a flexible solution and allow the team to include more languages if necessary.

  • User-Friendly

The internal users or the operations team must use the application monitoring platform with ease. A user-friendly application performance monitoring platform will quickly deploy without requiring any additional installment, have insights available on the dashboard, and automate everyday activities. Usually, application performance monitoring platforms that require customized dashboards or constant upgrades for minor routine work are not the best choices. They tend to be less user-friendly than other platforms.

  • Technical Support

Application performance monitoring platforms need to provide adequate technical support. It is best to choose a platform that offers round-the-clock support. However, it is also essential to determine if the support includes high-quality documentation that is easily accessible. To ensure that the technical support available will suit the business needs, one should also check if the vendor is offering a partnership rather than just the service. If the vendor is more of a partner, then they will guarantee long-term support.

  • Cloud Support

Companies are transitioning from traditional environments and opting for cloud-native systems. This is why cloud enablement services are available for all businesses. However, cloud support is also necessary for application performance monitoring. It will be challenging to complete the migration process without proper cloud support, from on-premise architecture to cloud. One should weigh the pros and cons of available cloud-based services for application performance monitoring. It will then become easier to choose a platform that will suit the needs of the company.

  • Condition of the Architecture

The condition of the architecture is a vital aspect of application performance monitoring platforms as it determines scalability and flexibility. Several platforms only use proprietary hardware and have a very strict limit on the number of applications or metrics. These platforms are not ideal and will not be able to monitor the performance of relevant applications.

  • SaaS and On-Premise Deployment

Deployment can be available on SaaS, on-premise, or both, and it is essential to understand which is beneficial for the company. If on-premise resources are not extensive, one might opt for an application monitoring platform for SaaS deployment. However, if there is a separate intranet that needs to be monitored, then it is wise to choose a platform for on-premise deployment.

  • Actionable Insights

Application performance monitoring platforms are supposed to provide detailed yet comprehensible reports. These reports are based on actionable insights. To generate such insights, one needs to track different parameters, run diagnostics that are code-level, and measure relevant KPIs. These should be automated and available within the platform to obtain those accurate insights.

  • Security

Businesses with numerous applications and complex IT environments often invest in cyber security and compliance services. However, if they rely on third-party software and hardware, that can compromise the security of the applications and thus that of the application monitoring platform. The best platforms will come with in-built security measures as well as encryption algorithms. Opt for an application performance monitoring platform that can be updated at regular intervals and will include permissions so that no random third-party entity can threaten the security.

  • Agent or Agentless

Agent-based monitoring of application performance or monitoring that involves proprietary agents is highly functional and comes with in-built intelligence. However, it requires the separate installation and licensing. On the other hand, agentless monitoring has agents within the software itself. Thus, this particular service does not need to be installed, and it does not even require licensing. However, it does not have the same functionality as agent monitoring. Therefore, operations teams must consider all aspects before deciding which would be the best choice.

  • Cost

Every business has a particular budget when it comes to software applications and tools. Therefore, it is essential to look at the cost of the application performance monitoring platform before purchasing the service. Platforms with flexible pricing plans are available, and these are best for companies with a tight budget. However, before buying, the company should look into the availability of discounts and the cost of extensions.

Benefits of Using the Best Application Performance Monitoring Platform

Nowadays, every company in the IT sector is using IT Automation with AI or AIOps. While automation optimizes and streamlines business processes along with applications, a reliable application performance monitoring platform will have the following benefits:

  • Solutions for Business-Impact Analysis

Solutions for business-impact analysis on application performance monitoring platforms will help automate every transaction analysis. The analysis will be accurate and will provide actionable insights at all times.

  • AI Capabilities

The best application performance monitoring platform will have specific AI capabilities that will help to determine if there are any potential threats. With these AI capabilities, the platform will identify the threat before it causes any significant issues.

  • End-User Monitoring

Performance bottlenecks can occur at any time. But to avoid them, end-user monitoring is essential as it constantly tracks the user experience. By doing this, the best platform can detect and resolve issues before they affect the actual user experience, which may lead to loss of revenue for the business.


A company’s credibility will increase rapidly, primarily if it can invest in an application performance monitoring platform. Companies dealing with several vendors need to invest in such platforms to ensure the smooth functioning of all applications.

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