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Are you able to manage your IT operations effectively? Well, managing IT operations can be more complex when you decide to scale up your IT infrastructure. The recent COVID pandemic has affected the IT ecosystem adversely. IT experts aren’t able to control the IT operations effectively as they can’t go to the workplace. All these issues led to the rise of AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations). AIOps can help an organization to manage its IT operations and systems amidst the COVID pandemic. Read on to know about the AIOps trends reinforced by this global pandemic.

What is AIOps?

Before we move on to the latest trends in the AIOps market, you should be well aware of the AIOps definition. AIOps use the blend of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) to solve issues in IT operations. AIOps can enhance or replace any IT process depending upon the requirements of any particular business.

It induces automation in IT operations and makes them less tedious. Various IT processes like data analysis, event correlation, service management, and others can be automated using AIOps. AIOps platforms can cope with the increasing volume and variety of business data. AIOps help businesses to boost productivity and maintain business continuity. Even if no one is there to manage your IT operations, you can still complete key processes using AIOps.

The recent COVID pandemic led to the suspension of business activities for a long time in various countries. It was hard for business owners to maintain business continuity in these times. Companies could not provide a reliable IT infrastructure to their employees outside the office premises. AIOps use cases were discovered during this time and, businesses started using them. The COVID pandemic led to the rise of many AIOps companies and use cases. Let us see some of the latest AIOps trends reinforced by the COVID pandemic.

Decrease downtime

This pandemic forced employees to move out of their organizational workplaces. The WFH (Work from Home) culture was quickly adopted by businesses for ensuring business continuity. However, the remote IT infrastructure was not up to the mark and significantly decreased productivity. System administrators and site reliability engineers could not visit each employee’s house for fixing operational issues.

To adapt to the remote work culture, firms started using AIOps tools. AIOps can address IT issues without the need for a system administrator. Responses to common IT operational issues can be automated using AIOps. It helped businesses to decrease the downtime significantly as their IT operations are running without any human intervention.


Every business produces large chunks of data that are used to extract meaningful insights. However, with remote work culture, it gets difficult to safeguard the business data. The growing complexity of the IT infrastructure makes it difficult for cybersecurity experts to identify the source of the problem. Also, they cannot rush to the workplace for addressing data breaches due to the COVID pandemic.

An AIOps platform for cybersecurity will help you in identifying the threats and automating responses to them. AIOps solutions for cybersecurity offer strong observability to your organization’s data. The source of a cyber-attack can be easily determined via AIOps. Even if no one is there at the workplace, data breaches can still be stopped using AIOps.


Better observability lets us know about the internal states of IT systems being used. AIOps connects the IT frameworks and provides end-to-end visibility. Due to the COVID pandemic, engineers cannot visit the home of each employee to know about the internal states of IT systems. With AIOps, you can monitor the performance of IT infrastructure in real-time.

Not only for the employees, but AIOps can also provide a better user experience to customers while interacting with digital interfaces. AIOps also helps CIOs (Chief Information Officers) with digital experience monitoring. With enhanced observability, you can improve the customer experience and productivity.

AIOps & DevOps

DevOps is focused on removing the gap between the development and the operations team. However, due to the COVID pandemic, both the teams are working remotely and, it is hard to collaborate. AIOps enhances the communication between the development and operations team and allows east collaboration. Continuous monitoring of DevOps processes via AIOps will provide better results.

AIOps can automate various DevOps processes like feedback collection, monitoring, deployment, and others. AIOps vendors offer products that are capable of performing testing during the development cycle without any human intervention. AIOps products focus on strengthening the integration between different IT teams so they work together to achieve business goals.

Digital transformation

Due to the COVID pandemic, businesses have to opt for online marketing strategies. The only way left to connect with the audience is via digital interfaces. Digital transformation not only requires adopting the latest technologies but also involves continuous monitoring. You will also have to perform data analysis to extract meaningful insights from the data produced via digital platforms.

AIOps can help you with digital transformation and can also help you make the best out of the business data. AIOps automation can help in analyzing data in real-time and extract meaningful insights. High-end data analytics via AIOps can help you in making better business decisions.

Cost optimization

The recent COVID pandemic has harmed businesses. The market disruptions caused by this pandemic have severely affected the ROI (Return on Investment) of businesses. Business owners are looking to slash costs by downsizing their staff thus, impacting the business adversely.

With AIOps, you can automate IT operations and do not need to affect your business reach. The cost of AIOps may seem high in the beginning but is less in the long run. You will also have to spend less on AIOps training as it is easy-to-use and an automated platform.

In a nutshell

The global AIOps market size will grow with a CAGR of 21.05% by 2026. It is the right time to use AIOps and steer through the challenges posed by the COVID pandemic. Use AIOps for business continuity and better uptime!

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