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Online transactions are commonplace and almost everyone uses them one way or another. However, at times, payments do not go through. The percentage of transactions that result in successful payments is known as the payment authorization rate. If this rate is high, merchants can gain higher revenue. However, it is not possible to boost the rates manually, and therefore, it is important to utilize the best AIOps tools and products. AIOps is a powerful instrument for payment authorization rates and can improve the entire business health of a particular merchant.

Importance of Payment Authorization Rates

Merchants are focused on two things: ensuring customers have a good experience with purchases and increasing their revenue. Payment authorization allows both and is extremely beneficial to the overall health of a business. For enterprises, even the smallest increase in payment authorization rates can have a huge impact on revenue volumes and thus directly enhance business conditions.

Improvement of payment authorization rates is something that every merchant wants as it is something that will provide the necessary revenue to continue the business. This improvement is possible in various ways, and some of these are listed below:

  • Ensuring accurate risk assessment to avoid fraudulent activities and keep client information safe
  • Creating a solid data system where information from different sources is collected, processed, and accessed when required
  • Implementing network tokenization to secure all payments
  • Providing multiple payment options in case the initial payment is declined

Improving payment authorization rates can add value to customer engagement and bring in more clients. But all these ways in which improvement is possible require the use of artificial intelligence solutions. Proactive application monitoring, along with other AIOps tools such as machine learning, predictive analytics, and data science, can ensure high payment authorization rates for all merchants.

Role of AIOps in Boosting Payment Authorization Rates

When it comes to generating and unlocking revenue in different volumes, payment authorization rates are of utmost importance. Therefore, it is necessary to boost the rates and ensure that they are constantly improving, as that would mean better revenues. To improve payment authorization rates, merchants can combine various forms of AIOps solutions like machine learning, network tokenization, and even data science. When all of this is combined with partnerships between issuers and networks, artificial intelligence, and instruments that offer multiple funding, companies can ensure that merchants get the best payment authorization rates possible. A smart combination of different AIOps solutions will allow companies to offer more than the market average rates for payment authorization, thus enhancing customer satisfaction.

To ensure AIOps-led improvement of payment authorization rates, there needs to be a proper data set. When companies invest in the best AIOps platforms software for such purposes, robust data sets can help in the accurate implementation of these solutions. Global enterprises benefit from the increase in payment authorization rates, as for merchants, the main goal is to be able to allow instant processing of a purchase. This is only possible through the application of AIOps solutions to data sets collected and processed from various sources. The checkout process during purchases is where solutions such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data science have the most impact. By streamlining that process, the merchant can ensure a boost in payment authorization rates.

One of the biggest problems that merchants face is payment declines and low approval rates. This affects customer satisfaction and results in less revenue. Often, a customer may want to make a high-value purchase, but when they do complete all the procedures, the payment is declined. This adversely affects the customer’s relationship with the merchant and can damage the merchant’s reputation. Therefore, it is crucial to optimize the entire payment experience and ensure that there is a higher probability of approvals. This can lead to an improvement in the payment authorization rates.

Optimization of payment experience and increase in authorization rates is only possible through a workable learning model. This helps with decline prediction and determination of approval probability. AIOps solutions are used to collect and combine historical data with current, real-time information. Predictive AIOps is then utilized to understand what the possible outcomes may be when a customer tries to make a purchase. Usually, such a model predicts the outcome accurately, and the merchant can map out their next steps. If the prediction is that the payment will be declined, then that experience needs to be improved. The customer experience needs to become one where a valid purchase is guaranteed, increasing the payment authorization rate. This is possible through the implementation of AIOps. AIOps solutions that predict outcomes can also utilize different algorithms to suggest the resolution of a particular issue. For example, to make a purchase valid, companies may offer various forms of authentication or a digital wallet facility, which will also improve customer service and satisfaction.

User action can also be encouraged through predictive models, and that can impact payment authorization rates. Suppose a payment is declined. Merchants can utilize AIOps solutions to understand the reason and then provide the necessary information to the user. This is done when there has been theft of data or if the card limit has been exceeded. The user or the customer can then act and resolve that issue on their own. This improves client engagement, solves problems efficiently, and ensures a boost in the payment authorization rate.

Financial institutions are now following the AIOps best practices to create a more optimized architecture for payments and other processes. This is beneficial to payment authorization as well. AIOps solutions can prevent fraudulent transactions and identify ideal transactions by loyal customers. Such insights can lead to merchants providing loyalty rewards that increase customer satisfaction. Consistently high authorization rates are also possible through the correct implementation of AIOps.


The finance industry must deal with numerous threats that can cause system-wide problems. This happens in other industries as well, but for financial institutions, there is often a lot at stake. Using the best AIOps tools and products can help to create multiple channels for problem resolution. In the case of payment authorization, such different options can guarantee better outcomes, leading to higher revenues.

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