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Cybersecurity issues are more complex than ever in today’s scenario. At present, business organizations are traversing towards digitization and there are several security challenges on the way. To deal with complex security attacks, business organizations need a proactive solution. Gone are the days when there were only a few types of cyberattacks on business organizations. Since the taxonomy of cyberattacks is expanding, new-age security solutions have arrived in the market. AIOPs-enabled SIEM solution is one of the new-age security solutions that help business organizations to safeguard their software systems. Read on to know how SIEM with AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) is the security solution you need.

Understanding SIEM

Before you know about AIOPs tools for security & compliance, you must be familiar with SIEM. SIEM (Security Information & Event Management) helps organizations find out security issues before they disrupt the service availability & reliability. Before SIEM, organizations used to conduct SIM and SEM individually for the security of the IT infrastructure. SIEM combines SIM and SEM to provide real-time analysis of security issues occurring within the IT infrastructure. SIEM also includes storing the log data and generating documents for compliance purposes.

SIEM is supplied as software and managed services to business organizations. Over the years, SIEM has grown to be more than just a log management tool. At present, businesses are harnessing the power of SIEM with the help of modern-day technologies like ML and AI. Most organizations have realized the importance of AI data analytics monitoring tools in dealing with complex cyber threats. Many organizations have already started using AI-based SIEM solutions for UEBA (User & Entity Behaviour Analytics). From regulatory compliance to managing complex cyber threats, an AI-based SIEM solution can help you with all. Several SIEM processes like threat response and threat detection are being automated with the help of AIOps. Not to forget, overall service availability is boosted with AIOps-enabled SIEM solutions.

What challenges are associated with SIEM?

What was the need for AIOps when SIEM products offer real-time analytics? Well, traditional SIEM solutions could not cope with the complexity of ever-evolving security threats. It is why security experts and vendors felt the need to upgrade it with AIOps. When SIEM solutions were upgraded with AIOps, a significant boost in service availability was observed. Also, organizations could indulge in proactive threat management with AI for application monitoring. When SIEM was combined with AIOps, complex security issues were solved in less time. Some of the challenges with traditional SIEM tools that led to the introduction of AIOps-enabled SIEM solutions are as follows:

  • Event correlation is important for identifying patterns that could hamper the security of the IT infrastructure. Traditional SIEM solutions correlated events over a short duration. For example, traditional SIEM solutions correlated events not more than a week. Since SIEM could not correlate security events over a longer period, patterns that can affect security could not be identified.
  • Traditional SIEM solutions could not detect threats when the data sets under consideration were large. Legacy SIEM solutions failed to provide threat intelligence feeds that could have strengthened the monitoring process.
  • Since SIEM is primarily a log management solution, it will provide you with a huge magnitude of monitoring data. However, traditional SIEM solutions failed to separate the noise from the monitoring data. Due to more noise, IT teams spend more time identifying the security threats that have a greater impact on service availability.
  • As the IT infrastructure grows, more and more blind spots occur within the security of the organization. Traditional SIEM tools were unable to identify the cybersecurity blind spots in time. When blind spots are unattended for a long time, they become the perfect way for infiltrators to get into an organization’s IT infrastructure.
  • Traditional SIEM solutions provide security & compliance teams with huge chunks of unrelated data. It is a tiring task to manually find patterns from the log data via event correlation. Since traditional SIEM tools fail to find patterns between large sets of log data, future cyber challenges cannot be identified.

Due to these challenges, organizations were forced to upgrade SIEM with intelligent technologies. At present, AIOps has proved beneficial in upgrading SIEM for advanced threat intelligence and protection.

What are the benefits of an AIOps-based SIEM solution?

Regardless of the organization size, AIOps-based SIEM can help you safeguard your IT infrastructure and all connected devices and applications. With real-time user monitoring tools, you can detect anomalies in user behavior faster than ever. The pros of using an AIOps-enabled SIEM solution are as follows:

  • An AIOps SIEM solution will indulge in round-the-clock monitoring of the IT infrastructure. Any security threat can be identified in real-time and, you can decrease the MTTD (Mean Time to Discover) security threats. With a significant decrease in MTTD, you can resolve security issues faster and boost service availability.
  • A business must fulfil compliance requirements regarding data reporting and maintenance. An AIOps SIEM solution will help you in streamlining the data collection and analysis process. By using an AIOps based analytics platform, fewer internal resources will be used for log data collection and reporting.
  • AIOps-enabled SIEM platforms have some SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response) functionalities. Besides identifying security issues, an AIOps based analytics platform can also respond to security threats.
  • You can collect data about user behavior from all connected devices, endpoints, and applications with an AIOps-enabled SIEM solution. AIOps will offer you a unified and centralized view of log data from several software systems and connected devices.
  • AIOps can pull log data from previous years during event correlation. It helps in identifying patterns that lead to security concerns. You can identify unseen cyber threats with an AIOps-enabled SIEM solution.

In a nutshell

By 2023, business organizations will spend around USD 175 billion on risk management and security. By using an AIOps-enabled SIEM solution, you can implement a long-term security solution for your IT infrastructure. Boost service availability by using an AIOps-enabled SIEM solution.

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