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Public services are very crucial for running any state and country. If the public services sector of a country is well-managed, it is easier for a country to progress economically. While traditional software systems are used for managing the public sector, new-age technologies are also making headlines. For example, AI data analytics monitoring tools are in huge demand to achieve better results.

AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) is also gaining popularity as it is helping firms to automate their business processes. Software systems and digital infrastructure are not only used by IT firms but also for the management of public services like healthcare, education, transit, law enforcement, and the military. AIOps based analytics platforms can aid in the betterment of several public sector services. Read on to know the role of AIOPs in transforming the public sector.

AIOps for healthcare

Healthcare is one of the biggest public sector services in any country. Gone are the days when you needed a brick-and-mortar hospital to improve the health of patients. With increasing expectations of patients, healthcare facilities must adopt technology on a wide scale. An AIOps based analytics platform can help a healthcare facility for undergoing digital transformation. How AIOps is transforming the healthcare industry are as follows:

  • The software systems used for the treatment of patients need to perform continuously. The performance of software systems is crucial as they can be responsible for the life and death of patients. A healthcare facility cannot bear the sudden shutdown of crucial software systems. An AIOps based analytics platform can predict the exhaustive capacity of your software systems. When you know about future shutdowns, you can take proactive measures to avoid them. It will also boost the service availability and reliability of your healthcare facility.
  • Healthcare facilities have started providing medical advisories via online channels. The recent COVID pandemic also led to the rise of telemedicine and online consultancy. There is a central monitoring system that is used to monitor all the digital systems that are used to connect to the patient. If the central monitoring system cannot report system incidents in time, you can lose your connectivity with the patient. AI for application monitoring can aid in knowing all the incidents that occur within the IT infrastructure of a healthcare facility. You can mitigate the incidents in time to ensure higher service availability.
  • AIOps-based tools provide end-to-end service assurance for your healthcare facility. You can enhance observability across service layers to identify threats easily. With advanced anomaly detection, an AIOps based analytics platform can aid in the high uptime of software systems.
  • A healthcare facility must safeguard the data of the patients for confidentiality and further studies. An AIOps based analytics platform can help in implementing strong cybersecurity measures. With intelligent threat detection offered by AI platforms, you can avoid many future cybersecurity threats.

AIOps for financial services

Banking and financial services are major public sector services that are using AIOps. The 21st century saw the rise of technology in providing financial services to customers. Fintech services are already making waves in the market. Financial firms must ensure high security of sensitive customer data like account numbers, e-signature, transaction details, and identity details. AI data analytics monitoring tools can aid financial institutions in safeguarding sensitive data. An AI-led data analytics tool ensures round-the-clock monitoring of IT assets and identifying cyber threats in real-time.

User experience matters the most when it comes to fintech services. With deep insights offered by AIOps, you can increase the observability of the user experience. If any incident occurs within your digital infrastructure, an AI-led root cause analysis tool will detect it in real-time. Banks and fintech firms are relying on AI-led analytics platforms for creating an observability pattern for a multi-cloud environment. With AIOps, your IT teams don’t have to deal with high volumes of system alerts. The alert noise generated by your monitoring platforms can be filtered and prioritized with the help of AI.

AIOps for retail marketing

AI data analytics monitoring tools can collect log data from all retail channels. Many retailers have adopted AIOps for analyzing customer data. With deep insights, they provide better loyalty programs and referrals to customers. An AIOps based analytics platform can help in collecting data from different points of sales, and self-checkout systems. AIOps has helped retailers to provide a personalized experience to their clients/customers. AIOps-based automation tools for service desks can help retailers reduce the need for human labor.

AIOps for logistics

Logistics companies must monitor a vast network of supply and delivery. With AIOps, they can quickly identify networking errors and work on them. Due to networking errors and application incidents, wrong or delayed delivery can occur. Firms try to spend as little as they can on reverse logistics processes. With an AIOps based analytics platform, you can enhance the speed and accuracy of deliveries to the end-user. A better overall customer experience will boost the brand loyalty of your logistics firm.

How AIOps can transform my business in 2022?

In the COVID pandemic, businesses have adopted a remote work culture. Since employees are working remotely, real-time monitoring is not possible. You can adopt AIOps that can replace manual system monitoring. Even if an incident occurs, an AIOps based analytics platform can take automated steps to stop it. AIOps can ensure better communication within the software systems.

Businesses also spend on adopting better storage solutions based on customer demand. You can allocate storage capacity based on the demand of your customers with an AIOps based analytics platform. It is not necessary to adopt AIOps on a large scale for your organization. You can start by implementing AIOps for small IT operations first.

In a nutshell

Besides these sectors, AI for application monitoring is used in education, transit, and tourism industries. The global market size of AIOps is already worth more than USD 20 billion. Digital transformation is the trend in public services and, AIOps is the key.

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