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Managed IT services are more than essential in the current business landscape. Every organisation needs support to manage its IT infrastructure in this data-driven era. Healthcare facilities, corporate entities, and many other types of organisations are clients of MSPs. Managing the client’s IT infrastructure is not the only job for an MSP. An MSP also has to navigate through regulatory compliance challenges. Regulations concerning MSPs and their clients are mandatory. Ignoring compliance regulations might be disastrous for an MSP. Since the complexity of regulations is increasing, it is hard to stay compliant. Hence the need for MSP Monitoring has become vital to ensure compliance. Read on to understand how AIOps-led solutions help MSPs to adhere to regulatory compliance requirements. 

Knowing the law

One of the biggest challenges faced by MSPs is understanding the regulations. Most MSPs are not even aware of the new laws passed by the respective authorities. In some jurisdictions, regulations for MSPs are changed at frequent intervals. It might be impossible for MSP employees to keep track of changing regulations. Even if the employees remember the latest regulations, they might forget the old ones. One cannot imagine remembering all regulations without the use of technology. 

With AIOps-led MSP monitoring solutions, MSP employees do not have to remember every law. Let us say a new law is passed regarding the maintenance of data for MSPs. MSP employees can understand what the data maintenance regulation is trying to say. Once they have understood the law, they don’t have to remember it at all times. An AIOps-led platform will remember the data maintenance standard set by the IT teams. Once a data maintenance standard is set, an AIOps-led platform will never forget it. As a result, the MSP will adhere to the data maintenance law without manual support. At the same time, MSP employees can focus on ways to improve service availability rather than remembering the laws every day. 

Unified/centralised monitoring

How do MSPs know whether their employees are maintaining compliance standards? Let us say an MSP has many healthcare organisations as clients. HIPAA compliance and many other laws require healthcare organisations to handle patient data accordingly. The concerned MSP will monitor the patient record of the particular healthcare organisations and ensure HIPAA rules are followed. For the same rationale, the MSP will monitor the patient data applications at all times. If any anomaly is observed, the MSP can interfere and tell the client to correct it.

An MSP has to look after their software systems, applications, end-user systems, and databases to ensure regulatory compliance. After monitoring its devices, an MSP also has to monitor the devices and software systems of the clients. Monitoring will help know the exact point/system where regulatory compliance is ignored. However, monitoring the applications and software systems within the IT infrastructure is not easy as it seems. Traditional tools cannot ensure nonstop managed IT services. Monitoring is the basic step for an MSP to ensure security and compliance.

With AIOps-based platforms, an MSP can ensure round-the-clock monitoring of devices and systems within the IT infrastructure. Traditional monitoring tools do not offer a unified view of the entire IT infrastructure. Separate monitoring tools might be used for different types of devices and software systems. The same is not the case with AIOps-led solutions. AIOps has the power to collect data from different sources and display them under the same interface. Be it cloud services or data-sharing applications, everything is monitored centrally with AIOps.

Cybersecurity and data protection

Managed IT services should be controlled and secured at all costs. A cyberattack will have a direct impact on the organisation’s data. Let us say an MSP fails to prevent phishing attacks on its clients. In such a case, an MSP might be penalised by the respective authorities. Failing to prevent ransomware or phishing attacks demonstrates the inability of the MSP to help its clients. It might have happened because the MSP ignored the cybersecurity standards set by the concerned authorities.

Traditional cybersecurity tools cannot handle the complexity of cyberattacks in 2022. An AIOps-led cybersecurity solution is the only option to detect attacks in real-time. AIOps-led solutions perform nonstop monitoring and detect anomalies in real-time. An AIOps-based solution will record the normal behaviour of software systems and network devices. If any change in normal behaviour occurs, the AIOps-led solution will generate an alarm. With AIOps, MSPs can ensure the proactive detection of threats. All cybersecurity standards will be followed without manual interference from MSP employees.

Managing cloud services

Most organisations are now hosting their data on the cloud for increased speed and query operations. MSPs offering cloud services have to deal with many regulatory constraints. Do you know that more than 65% of organisations hosting data on the cloud have faced at least one cyberattack? MSPs identify the multi-cloud environments and ensure cybersecurity standards are followed at all costs. Identity management, network monitoring, backup generation, and many other activities are responsibilities of MSPs. With manual efforts, MSPs can never ensure safety on cloud platforms. AIOps-led tools are the only solution to ensure safety in complex cloud environments. MSPs don’t have to check the cloud environments every minute to ensure regulatory compliance. An AIOps-led solution will automatically manage identity issues, incidents, cybersecurity threats, and more in cloud environments.

Ensuring regulatory compliance for a remote workforce

In the wake of the COVID pandemic, many MSPs have shifted to remote work culture. Many MSPs have provided employees with virtual machines or satellite offices to work from home. Compliance hassles only increase when dealing with a remote workforce. MSPs that deploy virtual machines on a large scale without considering regulatory compliance are experiencing several hassles. AIOps is the solution to ensure service availability and regulatory compliance simultaneously. AIOps-led MSP monitoring systems can collect data from different and remote sources. When you have the performance data of a remote workforce, you can check for regulatory compliance. If a remote employee is neglecting the regulations, you will get to know about it in real time with AIOps. Ensure regulatory compliance while offering managed IT services with AIOps!

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