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In recent times, several centralized technologies have emerged that can boost business continuity and productivity. Among all the new-age centralized technologies for enhancing business productivity, AIOps has made waves in recent years. Many business organizations have boosted their service availability with AIOps based analytics platforms in recent years. Read on to know how AIOps is a single pane of glass solution for business organizations.

Why do IT teams need a single pane of glass solution?

Several processes need to be completed by IT teams for maintaining service availability. Among all the services offered by IT teams, monitoring of IT infrastructure and maintaining system/application health are needed for boosting service availability. If your crucial software systems are not performing at an optimum level, how can you always provide digital services to customers? Usually, ITSM teams and CIOs/CTOs in an organization are responsible for monitoring the IT infrastructure for detecting service issues.

A few decades back, system administrators could easily monitor different elements of IT infrastructure manually. However, organizations scaled their IT infrastructure as their business grew. The number of network devices, software systems, and business applications significantly increased during this period. It was no longer possible for system administrators to collect and analyze huge chunks of infrastructural data manually. Hiring too many system administrators is not feasible for any business organization.

As a result of the increasing complexity and size of IT infrastructure, organizations started feeling the need for a single pane of glass solution. It became necessary to collect infrastructure data from different sources and systems to identify service issues. AI data analytics monitoring tools came as a blessing for IT organizations that were hurried by the increasing complexity of IT infrastructures. The best AIOps products and tools successfully provided monitoring solutions under a single dashboard.

How AIOps provide solutions under a single dashboard?

A single pane of glass solution must be also a centralized solution. If your application performance monitoringtool cannot show the entire infrastructure data under a single dashboard, it may not be a single pane of glass solution. AIOps is truly a single pane of galls solution as it will show you the entire infrastructural data under a single dashboard. AI data analytics monitoring tools will collect performance and log data from different elements of the IT infrastructure and display it under a single dashboard. The data collected by AIOps based analytics platforms continually are as follows:

  • An AIOps-based monitoring solution will collect log data from all the software systems installed within the organization’s premises.
  • If you are using virtual desktop infrastructure solutions, AIOps can monitor employee behavior when working remotely.
  • AI data analytics monitoring tools have the power to monitor the user behavior of business applications and websites. It is done to detect any anomalous user behavior that could destroy the service availability of the business organization.
  • AIOps can monitor the behavior of network devices like switches, routers, load balancers, etc. It helps in preventing unauthorized individuals from entering your organization’s internal network.
  • AIOps-based platforms are also involved in port monitoring and cybersecurity monitoring. Many organizations have successfully eliminated security threats with the aid of AIOps-based monitoring solutions.

Al the above types of infrastructural data are always collected by AIOps. The best part is that you will view all results under a single dashboard with AIOps. Even if your ITSM team is small, you can still boost service availability with AIOps, as you will have access to the required information. There is no need to hire many system administrators for monitoring the software systems in your organization.

How do AIOps-based tools isolate the root cause?

AIOps collects event data from software systems and business applications every day. An AIOps-based monitoring solution can remember event data of previous years. It automatically correlates event data from different IT elements to identify patterns. Whenever a pattern is observed that could hamper the service availability or security, an AIOps-based analytics platform will show alarms in real-time.

With the support of AI automated root cause analysis solutions, you can quickly identify outliers in your infrastructural data easily. For example, AIOps-based monitoring solutions collect data regarding user behavior on business applications/websites. AIOps remembers the normal path that a user will take to interact with your services. If any abnormal user path is observed, AIOps will quickly alert the IT teams thus letting them know the origin of the anomaly.

AIOps-based analytics platforms are also involved in dependency mapping. Via dependency mapping, you can know how your IT elements are related to each other. With the help of dependency mapping results, outliers, and event correlation, AIOps can detect the root cause immediately. The root cause can be found quickly because AIOps is a single pane of glass solution. If AIOps would not collect data from all sources, it could never perform event correlation or dependency mapping.

What are the metrics to measure the performance of AIOps?

When you install an AIOps based analytics platform, train it with abundant data sets. After your AIOps-based tool is ready, you can measure its impact on your organization via several metrics. The metrics that can be used to measure the impact of AIOps are as follows:

  • AIOps will decrease the average time taken to detect, acknowledge, and repair service issues.
  • After using AIOps based analytics platforms, you will observe a boost in service availability and service reliability.
  • The observability into your IT infrastructure after using an AIOps-based monitoring tool.
  • The uptime of your software systems and business applications will increase with the help of AIOps.


With the increasing complexity of IT infrastructure, a single pane of glass solution is necessary. AIOps will also help you decrease the monitoring costs in the long run. Make sure you train your AIOps-based analytics platform to provide the fuel it needs. Adopt AIOps for centrally monitoring your IT infrastructure!

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