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Organizations and services are developing mobile apps for quick access and increased efficiency. However, these apps need to be constantly optimized. AI-driven crash analysis is necessary to ensure that no application remains down for too long, affecting user experience.

Why is crash analysis necessary?

Like any other application, mobile app crashes can occur at any time. Depending on the nature of a crash, app developers have to modify or completely replace and reconfigure certain aspects of mobile apps. The need for crash analysis is not just for enabling the proper functioning of an application at that instant. Instead, it is necessary for several other reasons. While the accurate crash analysis does help to monitor and optimize specific mobile apps, it will also help to ensure that every process is in accordance with the cybersecurity and compliance services. Apart from that, AI-driven crash analysis also helps to predict patterns that can cause potential errors. Once the developer can correct those issues, the apps will continue to function and perform at the highest level for a long time.

How can mobile apps benefit from AI-driven crash analysis?

Applications can crash at any time, and while it is essential to predict and prevent these crashes, it is also crucial to identify and understand them. Certain types of application crashes are more likely to affect the processes and can even cause system-wide outages. When this happens, a lot of resources, the human workforce, and money are required to get the platform to work again.

Quick AI-driven crash analysis of mobile apps helps identify the cause of crashes. Once the root cause is detected, it is easier to predict the nature of the crash. However, when it comes to remediation, analysts need to figure out which issue they need to resolve first. For example, if multiple crashes occur, not all may affect the application or the system in the same way. If critical mobile apps are affected, then the phone may not function, and therefore, one needs to focus on the cause of that particular issue. The AI-driven crash analysis will reveal which applications are crucial to the functioning of the mobile device and what is affecting the processes. Analysts will then know which aspect they need to focus on, and which can be automated without human intervention.

Accuracy and speed of detection and remediation are other benefits of mobile app crash analysis. Effective crash analysis can quickly reveal the issues with the application systems and segregate problems as critical and non-critical. Analysts and the operations team will work on the fundamental issues first so that the applications can run without much delay. This improves user experience significantly. Here, it is necessary to analyze the effect of remediation on the application. Accurate AI-driven crash analysis will help professionals understand which issue correlates with user experience so that the remediation helps to improve it, instead of only marginally doing so significantly.

Crash analysis that is powered by artificial intelligence is instantaneous. It is not time-consuming, and therefore, users will not have to compromise their work or experience. Mobile applications can lag due to various issues, and instantaneous analysis will help to decrease this. Data from the insights obtained are kept in accessible storage spaces. This makes crash analysis pages responsive and the process of analysis instantaneous. If operations teams can invest in one of the services of the best AIOps platforms software, it will be easier to implement instantaneous analysis of application crashes. This is particularly helpful when analysts deal with multiple mobile applications at a global stage. For example, crash analysis for mobile applications related to retail chains, banking organizations, manufacturing units, and recreational networks. These different units produce vast volumes of data, all of which need to be accurately analyzed for improving the performances of various applications. There is no waiting involved in running accurate analytics and gaining insights.

Instantaneous crash analysis has two advantages:

  • Saves a lot of time

Since crash details are available instantly, there is no time lost. Analysts do not have to wait for the insights to load and quickly respond to the issues. Time is extremely valuable as the longer it takes to resolve the case, the more significant the crash impact.

  • Quick improvements and modifications

Context is essential for applications to continue to function without any glitches. Instantaneous AI-driven crash analysis helps operations teams and analysts understand and stay within context. This happens because the different elements of the applications do not load, and instead, they are modified to suit the newer requirements of the apps. If one follows the modifications or changes, it is easier to understand the root cause and thus analyze the crash quickly and effectively.

AI-driven crash analysis is instrumental in discovering and categorizing relevant information related to the applications. Mobile app developers need to be aware of the modifications necessary. If they have adequate information, they will know how to improve a particular app. Therefore, crash analysis is crucial. It provides high-density information that is obtained from an accurate analysis of user response, app activity, and other related processes and services. Through AI-driven crash analysis, developers will gain details about how the mobile app is functioning and can identify patterns that correlate to the issues. Most platforms for crash analysis offer a breakdown of details so that all information is clearly available and understandable.

Crash analysis that uses artificial intelligence to analyze and predict provides information about two crucial aspects of the applications:

  • Hardware configuration of the mobile app.
  • The version of the mobile app software within a particular target group of clients.

When the analyst obtains insights related to these two aspects, the app developer can understand who and how the crash impacts and what is the root cause. Several platforms for AI-driven crash analysis also store data related to previous, and one can access this stack trace to obtain information about the mobile device, user sessions and find possible approaches to remediation.


Platforms that offer crash analysis of application data primarily use automation solutions. Businesses are using IT automation with AI to optimize and streamline. Therefore, AI-driven platforms for accurate analysis can also automate several processes and effectively reduce errors in applications.

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