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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) form the core of GAVS’ core product ZIFTM. It ingests structured and unstructured data from IT infrastructure such as networks, devices, servers, etc., and provides topology, reduces noise, predicts downtime, and helps remediate. Our healthcare and non-healthcare clients have seen immense value through ZIFTM with CAPEX and OPEX reductions of up to 30% and 60% respectively.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an inevitable tool of innovation in healthcare, progressing from being a nice-to-have to a must-have. It is believed that by using AI/ML solutions and applications, healthcare organizations can diagnose diseases more precisely, prevent illnesses more proactively, treat illnesses more effectively, and reduce cost through operational optimizations. According to several industry reports, the AI healthcare market is poised to reach USD 61 billion by 2027.

GAVS believes in harvesting the power of Advanced Analytics and AI for smart healthcare operations. GAVS’ Artificial Intelligence-as-a-Service (AIaaS) is focused on leveraging AI to improve the holistic health of patients and to drive better health outcomes through pre-emptive care while keeping healthcare costs low. It is a framework that allows payers and providers to apply existing and customized algorithms to their data to provide prediction-driven insights for proactive action. For instance, providers can use AI/ML to accurately predict the likelihood of a re-admission given the clinical parameters of a patient and their social determinants of health such as income levels, access to caretakers, education, etc. Providers may then choose to engage with a patient through multiple channels to avoid a re-admission, thus delivering value-based care. Payers, on the other hand, can apply algorithms like anomaly detection on their claims data to detect any fraud, waste, and abuse.

What role does GAVS play in this journey that a payer or provider may take?

Our People: GAVS has 40+ AI/ML experts who are industry practitioners with deep data science and analytics experience. GAVS also has a stable pipeline of AI/ML experts in training for quick deployment to any future AI/ML projects through the Long 80 Institute of Healthcare Technology (LIHT). In addition to technology experts, GAVS’ Healthcare CoE has domain experts who can bring in the perspective of the business’s requirements and pain points in order to provide our customers with a holistic value-driven solution.

Our Association with IIT-Madras: GAVS’ partnership with IIT-M gives us access to thought leadership and AI/ML experts to identify and design custom models to fit the use case for each client. Each use case goes through a rigorous brainstorming session with experts who provide other value add predictions and takeaways that can be derived from a given set of data, allowing us to exceed expectations.

Our Culture of Co-innovation: One of the key ingredients for GAVS’ success in healthcare has been the culture of co-innovation. Every partnership that began as a short-term limited scope project has grown into a large portfolio of services with GAVS as a key partner to our client’s digital transformation journey. Our people, our approach, our quality of deliverables, and the value realized by the client are testament to this engagement pattern. AI-as-a-service specifically requires healthcare organizations to choose a partner who not only can deliver a defined use case but help them identify other valuable use cases with the data they have in hand.

Our Existing Platform: ZIFTM, our existing platform provides us with several technical advantages over our peers. For example, our IP universal connector module within ZIFTM provides our clients the flexibility to share data from multiple sources and multiple formats expediting and overcoming the challenges usually involved in ingesting structured and unstructured data in healthcare across siloed systems. Additionally, AI/ML existing AI/ML algorithms within ZIFTM can be modified and applied to healthcare use cases with minimal updates once again giving us an advantage on speed to delivery and ultimately value.

GAVS believes AI/ML will be the next big disruption in healthcare, and it is being supported by various other regulatory mandates including – enabling interoperability, providing value-based care, etc., which are all focused on unlocking the power of data.  Moreover, AI/ML is a lever that can be leveraged by healthcare organizations to help them move closer to the triple aim of – improving population health, better patient experience, and reduced per-capita cost.

About the author

Kushboo Goel

Kushboo brings with her 9+ years of experience in Management Consulting and IT Consulting in Healthcare and Financial Services. Within healthcare, she has worked at the University of Chicago Hospitals, Johns Hopkins, Advisory Board Company and Apollo Hospitals. She is especially experienced in managing and supporting large transformation programs. She has worked on several process optimization and cost optimization projects contributing to FTE and dollar savings for her clients.

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