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Full Stack Visibility

Bird’s eye view of the entire stack of the IT landscape.

  • Standalone infrastructure monitoring, application and application performance monitoring, URL monitoring, microservices monitoring, DB and services monitoring with custom metrics
  • Built-in plugins for Outlook, Citrix, Azure and other major enterprise tools

Agentless Monitoring of Business Relevant Metrics

ZIFTM focuses on application health and end-user experience


Full Stack Visibility
Detect Anomalies
Application Health Index, User Experience Index
Cloud Monitoring

Detect Anomalies

Detects exceptions before they become an incident and cause any negative impact.

  • Detects miniscule exceptions that tend to accumulate and result in incidents later
  • Automatically detects and sorts exceptions
  • Detects and prioritizes code level exceptions and failed requests for critical applications
  • Detects surges in application hits and lags in application response

Application Health Index, User Experience Index

Customizable business relevant metrics and KPIs to keep track of your progress and IT health.

  • Computes User Experience Index empirically based on real time user transactions
  • Monitors application health using an Application Health Index, which is composed of 10 different parameters selected to quantify the holistic health of the application
  • Traces user journeys with a single click

Cloud Monitoring

A single platform that seamlessly integrates with and monitors your cloud infrastructure – across public, private or hybrid cloud – for transparent observability into the entire cloud environment.

  • Monitors business-driven metrics for workloads – including 3rd party layers
  • Supports Container & Microservices technologies like Docker and Kubernetes
  • Supports multi-cloud infrastructure including cloud platforms like Azure, AWS, Google Cloud and Pivotal Cloud Foundry

End-User Monitoring

End user dissatisfaction can heavily impact your business. It is important to have the right monitoring solution for an enterprise’s IT environment.

  • The ZIFTM End Point Agent (ZIFTM EPA) deploys on an end-point device (Desktop, Laptops, VDIs and more).
  • The ZIFTM EPA monitors resource availability of CPUs, local discs, applications, top resources consumers and talkers via network.
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