Agentless Auto Discovery with AIOps Based Analytics Platform | ZIF.AI

Auto-Discover Applications

Application-aware infrastructure view that automatically discovers all applications.

  • Auto-Discovers names and maps every application including end-to-end service delivery topology
  • Supports all types of applications – off-the-shelf, custom developed or composite, in every location including those delivered through a VDI solution
  • Maps topology of all tiers of an application and its supporting infrastructure from layers 2 to 7, in real time

 Ensure Total Visibility with Auto-Discovery

ZIFTM provides end-to-end visibility of enterprise application and infrastructure dependencies

Auto-Discover Applications
Auto-Discover Users
Real Time Dynamic Topology Mapping

Auto-Discover Users

Real time view of all users of every application, including user groups, their access privileges, user experience and more.

  • Dynamically baselines normal user experience for every application and user group, and catches anomalies quickly
  • Compares real time End User Experience with their baselines and measures improvement over time
  • Monitors real time user transactions through response times and throughput to accurately measure application performance
  • Builds an end-user perspective of applications through endpoint agents



IT Discovery with ZIFTM

Identifying the Blind Spots in Your IT Environment

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Real Time Dynamic Topology Mapping

Complete view of entire IT landscape that auto- updates in real time when changes are detected.

  • Clear visibility of all tiers of the application and its supporting infrastructure from layers 2 to 7
  • Dynamic topology mapping that auto updates in real time when changes are detected
  • Interactive maps that highlights the exceptions and enables drill-down to the root cause

Other Features