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Organizations do not only focus on their core responsibilities. They have many other things to focus on, including the management of the IT infrastructure. Consider a large business organization that offers online shopping platforms to customers. Even if the core responsibility of the company is to make online shopping platforms, it still has to manage its IT infrastructure. If the performance of the IT infrastructure isn’t maintained, all digital services may cease to exist. However, managing the IT infrastructure is no easy task for a business organization. It is why they outsource the management of their IT infrastructure to a reputed MSP (Managed Service Provider). This aids in enhancing efficiency and IT cost optimization. Considering the complexity of modern-day IT infrastructures, you need to find an MSP that offers managed services via AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations). Read on to know the pros of outsourcing your IT through MSPs with AIOps.

Challenges with managing the IT infrastructure

Before you know the need to outsource your IT through MSPs, let us know the challenges faced by organizations in managing their IT infrastructure. Some common challenges for organizations to manage their IT are as follows:

  • Gone are the days when IT infrastructure wasn’t so vast. At present, organizations have to scale their IT infrastructure at frequent intervals to meet their business needs. Endpoints, software systems, nodes, and many other elements are added to the IT infrastructure when needed. For the same reason, organizations prefer cloud-based infrastructure to meet their scalability needs. When the IT infrastructure was small, an organization could manage it with the help of internal employees. In 2022, it is challenging for an organization to solve IT challenges with the help of internal staff. Organizations need their employees to focus on core competencies rather than managing the IT infrastructure.


  • As the complexity of IT infrastructure grows, added expertise is needed to manage it. If an organization hires more IT experts to manage the IT infrastructure, extra funds are needed. Not to forget, skilled IT professionals who can manage the growing complexity of IT infrastructures are hard to find. Also, an organization cannot keep hiring IT professionals as the size and complexity of the IT infrastructure grows.


  • Organizations do not have access to the right tools for managing the ever-growing IT infrastructure. With the addition of new-age technologies like cloud computing, traditional IT operations management software is of no use. For managing the ever-growing IT complexity, organizations need to go through a technology shift. A technology shift can cost more than usual for an organization. For the same reason, organizations prefer to outsource their IT through MSPs.


  • For monitoring the performance of IT, organizations need to ensure round-the-clock monitoring. Monitoring the IT infrastructure at all times without any automation isn’t feasible. Also, organizations struggle to acquire monitoring data and generate rich insights. Without monitoring data and performance insights, organizations cannot predict outages and system failures. As a result, sudden outages hamper the service availabilit yand result in downtime.


As you can see, there are several challenges in managing the IT infrastructure internally. For the same reason, organizations choose to outsource their IT through MSPs. However, you need to find a next-gen MSP for your organizations that uses AIOps. You can’t outsource your IT to an MSP that still uses traditional tools to manage the IT infrastructure. Let us see the benefits of outsourcing your IT through MSPs with AIOps in 2022.

Why outsource IT through MSPs with AIOps?

The advantages of outsourcing your IT through MSPs with AIOps are as follows:


Boost observability and data collection – An MSP that uses AIOps-based analytics platforms for the monitoring of IT offers high observability. High observability means you will get to know what is happening within your IT infrastructure. One can know the internal states of IT elements with rich observability. Also, performance data is to be collected from different sources within an organization. For example, an organization must collect temporal data, log data, network data, and more to predict performance issues. An MSP using AIOps-based analytics platforms will ensure that performance data is collected from different sources. Your data analysts will always have access to performance data to generate rich insights.


Minimize downtime – Downtime is a serious concern for organizations that depend more on their IT infrastructure. Many essential business services can stop due to downtime. Even a minute of downtime can hamper the ROI (Return on Investment) and service reliability. MSPs that follow an AIOps-based strategy for infrastructure management can help you minimize downtime. How MSPs that use AIOps-led solutions minimize downtime is as follows:

  • With an AIOps-based analytics platform, MSPs can always collect performance data from your infrastructure. It will then use the collected data to perform event correlation.
  • With the help of event correlation, an MSP can identify abnormal patterns within your IT infrastructure. With the help of abnormal patterns, you can predict outages and other types of service issues.
  • When you know about the performance issues in advance, you can take proactive steps to mitigate them and prevent downtime. You can find out about non-performing elements within your IT infrastructure and replace or improve them.
  • Often, traditional monitoring systems overwhelm organizations with too many alerts. When there are too many alerts, it is hard to find which ones are critical and result in downtime. You may miss an important alert that could shut down the entire IT infrastructure. An MSP using an AIOps-based analytics platformwill help you with event prioritization. You will get to know which IT alerts are important and require immediate attention. Monitoring for MSPs can simultaneously monitor performance of various client networks.


Slash operational costs – The biggest advantage of outsourcing your IT through MSPs with AIOps is IT cost optimization. You don’t need to hire many system admins to always monitor the IT infrastructure. Also, the number of service issues within your IT infrastructure will decrease with the help of AIOps. When you don’t have to fix service issues, you will save on maintenance costs. Outsource your IT through an MSP with AIOps right away!

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