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In the rapidly evolving realm of IT operations, the imperative for streamlined and intelligent automation has become increasingly pronounced. AIOps platforms have emerged as pivotal solutions, and among them, the Zero Incident Framework (ZIFTM) stands out for its robust Auto-Remediation capabilities. In this article, we embark on an in-depth examination of ZIFTM‘s Smart Intelligent Automation, dissecting its features and elucidating how it distinguishes itself as a formidable force in the landscape of AIOps.

ZIF™ Intelligent Automation Landscape

Many AIOps platforms provide basic automation features, such as password reset and employee onboarding. However, the process of creating new bots often demands significant coding expertise, limiting accessibility. ZIFTM, on the other hand, redefines the automation paradigm with its Smart Intelligent Automation capabilities, propelling organizations forward in their digital transformation journeys.

Prebuilt ITPA Bots

ZIFTM boasts over 250+ prebuilt Intelligent IT Process Automation (ITPA) bots spanning applications, infrastructure, databases, networks, and security. This extensive library of preconfigured bots accelerates automation adoption by offering ready-made solutions for common operational challenges. With ZIFTM, organizations can swiftly implement automation across diverse domains without the need for extensive development efforts.

Workflow Creator: Low Code, High Impact

One of ZIFTM‘s standout features is its workflow creator—a low-code component empowering clients to construct workflows and bots effortlessly. This intuitive interface eliminates the coding barriers traditionally associated with creating automation processes. Clients can seamlessly design, customize, and deploy workflows tailored to their specific requirements, significantly reducing the time and resources required for automation implementation.

Flexibility in Automation Triggers

ZIFTM introduces flexibility in automation triggers, allowing bots to be activated manually through the graphical user interface (GUI) or automatically in response to received alerts. This adaptability ensures that the automation processes align with real-time operational needs, providing a dynamic and responsive framework for managing incidents.

Auto-Remediation and Self-Healing Capabilities

ZIFTM takes automation to the next level by offering Auto-Remediation and Self-Healing capabilities. Unlike many AIOps tools in the market, ZIFTM is among the select few that provide these advanced features. Let’s explore how these capabilities enhance the efficiency and resilience of IT operations.

  • Self-Healing Mechanism

ZIFTM‘s Self-Healing mechanism enables the system to autonomously detect and resolve issues without human intervention. When anomalies or incidents are identified, ZIFTM‘s Auto-Remediation kicks in, ensuring swift resolution and minimizing downtime. This capability is particularly valuable in environments where continuous availability is critical.

  • Automated Capacity Orchestration

ZIFTM extends its automation prowess to capacity orchestration, dynamically creating virtual machines and adjusting memory and network capacity based on real-time resource utilization. This proactive approach ensures optimal performance, prevents bottlenecks, and optimizes resource allocation, contributing to a seamless and efficient IT infrastructure.

The bots in the ZIFTM can be categorized as below based on their capabilities and domain:

  1. End user computing
  2. Self-service – portal and chatbot
  3. SEIM and security management
  4. Identity and access management
  5. Servers (Data center)
  6. Database (Data center)
  7. Application (Data center)
  8. Cloud and visualization
  9. Network

1. End-User Computing

  • BitLocker Key Retrieval: ZIFTM streamlines the retrieval of BitLocker keys, enhancing security measures for end-user devices by efficiently managing and providing access to encryption keys.
  • Automated Group Policy Update: ZIFTM ensures the seamless and automated updating of Group Policies, facilitating centralized control and management of configurations across an organization’s network.
  • Automate FTP: ZIFTM simplifies and automates File Transfer Protocol (FTP) processes, optimizing the exchange of files between end-user devices and servers.

 2. Self-Service Portal

  • Multi-Factor Authentication: ZIFTM strengthens security protocols by implementing multi-factor authentication within self-service portals, adding an additional layer of verification for user access.
  • Snapshot Automation: ZIFTM automates the creation and management of system snapshots, allowing users to capture and restore system states efficiently.
  • Distributed List Management: ZIFTM provides tools for the effective management of distributed lists within self-service portals, streamlining user access and permissions.

 3. SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)

  • Automated Phishing Protection: ZIFTM actively identifies and mitigates phishing threats through automated detection and response mechanisms, fortifying an organization’s security posture.
  • Patch Management: ZIFTM automates the process of applying patches to software and systems, ensuring that vulnerabilities are promptly addressed, and security is maintained.
  • Software Authorization: ZIFTM facilitates automated authorization processes for software, enhancing control and governance over the deployment and usage of applications.

 4. IAM (Identity and Access Management)

  • AD User Synchronization: ZIFTM synchronizes user data with Active Directory (AD), ensuring consistency and accuracy in user identity management.
  • Find Zombie Computer/Users: ZIFTM identifies and addresses inactive or “zombie” computers/users, streamlining identity management and security protocols.
  • Automated IP Allocation: ZIFTM automates the allocation of IP addresses, ensuring efficient and accurate management of network resources.

 5. Servers

  • Server Shutdown Automation: ZIFTM automates the process of shutting down servers, optimizing energy consumption and resource allocation.
  • Wake-on-LAN Procedure: ZIFTM facilitates the Wake-on-LAN procedure, enabling the remote powering up of servers, enhancing operational flexibility.
  • Server Patching: ZIFTM automates the patching of servers, ensuring that software and security updates are applied systematically and promptly.

 6. Database

  • Automated Audit for DB: ZIFTM conducts automated audits for databases, ensuring compliance, security, and optimal performance.
  • Database Backup: ZIFTM automates the backup process for databases, ensuring data integrity and facilitating recovery in case of data loss.
  • DataStage ETL Automation: ZIFTM streamlines Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) processes within DataStage, enhancing efficiency in data integration and migration.

 7. Data Center – App Server

  • Remediate App Pools: ZIFTM automates the remediation of application pools, ensuring continuous availability and optimal performance of applications.
  • IIS Log File Management: ZIFTM efficiently manages Internet Information Services (IIS) log files, enhancing visibility and troubleshooting capabilities.
  • URL Health Check Report: ZIFTM conducts automated health checks on URLs, providing comprehensive reports on the status and performance of web applications.

8. Cloud Virtualization

  • VM Audit Trial: ZIFTM conducts audit trials for Virtual Machines (VMs), ensuring compliance, security, and efficient resource utilization.
  • Snapshot Monitoring: ZIFTM actively monitors and manages snapshots within virtualized environments, optimizing storage and ensuring data availability.
  • VM Health Check: ZIFTM automates health checks for VMs, ensuring the continuous performance and stability of virtualized infrastructure.

 9. Network

  • Router Automation: ZIFTM automates router configurations, optimizing network performance and ensuring that configurations align with organizational policies.
  • N/W Interface – Bad Link Remediation: ZIFTM identifies and remediates bad links within network interfaces, enhancing connectivity and minimizing downtime.
  • Bandwidth Optimization: ZIFTM optimizes bandwidth usage through automated processes, ensuring efficient utilization and a responsive network.

These Comprehensive unlimited range of Automation solutions provided by ZIFTM sets it apart from the rest of the competitors.

Comprehensive Automation Features

Beyond Auto-Remediation and Self-Healing, ZIFTM offers a comprehensive suite of automation features that cover various aspects of IT operations. Some notable features include:

  • Test Automation: Automates repetitive testing tasks and streams the testing process to enhance software quality.
  • IT Process Automation: Automating routine IT processes for increased efficiency. Facilitates orchestration and integration of tools, people & processes.
  • IT Security Automation: Implementing automated security measures to safeguard the IT environment. Executes security best practices to mitigate risk and speed up resolution.
  • IT Service Automations: Automates events, processes, tasks and business functions, enhancing service delivery through automated workflows.
  • Network Automation: Automates configuration, management, testing, deployment, and operations of physical & virtual devices in a network.
  • Automated CMBD Management: Automated update of Configuration Items in the asset management database
  • Automated Event & Incident Management: Swiftly identifying, managing, and resolving events and incidents. Reduces MTTR by managing events and incidents based on pre-defined SOPs.
  • AD Automation: Automating Active Directory tasks (user account creation or deletion, modification of DL, etc.) for streamlined user management.
  • Auto-Escalation: Automatically escalating issues based on predefined criteria.
  • Auto-Triaging: Efficiently categorizing and prioritizing incidents for faster resolution.
  • Self-Service & Chat Ops: Knowledge base for self-service and bots, empowering users with self-service options and providing 24/7/365 support through an integrated chatbot.
  • Integrations: Seamless integration with ITSM, Security tools, Network Management tools etc., and systems for a unified IT ecosystem.


ZIFTM ‘s Auto-Remediation capabilities, coupled with its comprehensive Intelligent Automation features, position it as a standout player in the AIOps landscape. ZIFTM is a unique AIOps platform which has the ability to proactively address issues, dynamically adapt to changing conditions, and provide a user-friendly environment for automation development sets it apart. As organizations strive for operational excellence and resilience, ZIFTM emerges as a compelling AIOps solution to drive their digital transformation initiatives forward.

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