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AIOps (Artificial intelligence for IT operations) platforms integrate numerous tools that help in automation, detection, and remediation of IT incidents. Businesses can also rely on AIOps solutions to manage logs while leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze essential data. Therefore, AIOps platforms are crucial, and every business needs one, especially for digital transformation and integration of IT systems.

Top 10 AIOps Platforms

Businesses that deal with vast volumes of data and need to process them for metrics rely on AIOps tools. The following AIOps platforms offer the best services and are reliable.

  1. Dynatrace

While businesses are using cloud enablement services, certain complexities still arise, especially during digital transformation. The AIOps platform Dynatrace helps simplify these complexities and ensure application performance and quick digital transformation. Dynatrace primarily provides tools for automation and helps to promote intelligence observability.

  1. AppDynamics

Digital transformation and observability are crucial for businesses to grow, and AppDynamics ensures that the right technologies are being prioritized for the best outcomes. The AppDynamics Business Observability Platform offers solutions that help team alignment, prioritizing tasks, and technology stacks.

  1. Datadog

Companies that opt for AIOps can benefit from monitoring solutions, automation, and security measures. Datadog offers both security and analytics. The platform is usually preferred by IT professionals, operations teams, businesses using cloud infrastructure, and security engineers. Being a SaaS platform, Datadog helps automate and integrate infrastructure, monitor application performance, and manage logs. One can also use Datadog for cloud migration, security operations, digital transformation, and the tracking of key metrics.

  1. Zero Incident Framework (ZIF)

Zero Incident Framework (ZIF) is an AIOps platform that delivers efficient IT operations management. ZIF’s enhanced system helps monitor hybrid infrastructure, automation, the discovery of assets and proactive detection. The platform has several features like intelligent automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. ZIF relies on unsupervised learning and can predict device/application failure and performance degradation. The algorithm used it its predictive analytics module has won several patents. These high-end technological solutions ensure that organizations using ZIF are proactive, resilient and with zero outages in all environments, including on-premise infrastructure, cloud, and hybrid environments. ZIF also provides remote infrastructure monitoring services.

  1. PagerDuty, Inc.

Companies with extensive IT infrastructure can benefit from IT operations management software, and PagerDuty, Inc. offers management solutions for all digital operations. This AIOps platform helps to identify potential threats and offer solutions. Businesses can ensure growth by providing quality digital experiences.

  1. Turbonomic

Turbonomic is an AIOps platform from IBM which offers Application Resource Management (ARM) software. This software ensures proper application performance and governance. ARM also helps to source applications from hybrid and multi-cloud platforms. One can use the Turbonomic Network Performance Management (NPM) system for modern analytics solutions and monitoring. This helps to establish the continuous performance of multi-vendor networks.

  1. New Relic One

With the increase in AI DevOps automation service tools, operations teams are looking for solutions that offer quick decisions to ensure better performance and digital experience. New Relic provides this, as it is an observability platform that is cloud-based. It helps in creating software that is better and more effective. It is also a Telemetry Data Platform and helps to collect and explore data to provide proper alerts on logs, metrics, events, and traces. Businesses can also use the New Relic One AIOps platform to host, operate and manage any data stores or additional databases. Other features of New Relic One include full-stack observability and applied intelligence.

  1. LogicMonitor

As the name suggests, LogicMonitor helps monitor IT infrastructures so that companies can function better and make use of advanced technologies. LogicMonitor offers numerous monitoring services including, storage or database monitoring, network monitoring, cloud monitoring server monitoring, and container monitoring. One can also opt for Cisco monitoring, VMware monitoring, SQL monitoring, NetApp monitoring and AWS monitoring.

  1. Instana

The Enterprise Observability Platform by Instana uses Application Performance Monitoring which is automated. It helps in mapping services and infrastructure, along with all other inter-dependencies. Instana is effective in tracing requests, ingesting metrics on observability, updating applications and profiling processes.

  1. BigPanda

While AIOps is mainly used for automation, one can utilize AIOps tools for event correlation. BigPanda offers this particular service. Companies with complex IT infrastructure have to deal with issues every day. BigPanda can identify these issues and solve them immediately without affecting any ongoing business processes. Nowadays, newer IT environments cannot function without proper insights. AIOps solutions from BigPanda helps to gain scalable insights from IT noise or reactive incident responses otherwise remain unsuitable.

How to Choose the Best AIOps Platform?

To find the best AIOps platforms software, one needs to consider several aspects. The first is what the platform is expected to deliver. All AIOps platforms do not offer the exact solutions. While most offer automation and monitoring services, some may focus on cloud enablement, security, or network performance. Therefore, businesses should choose an AIOps platform software that provides the best benefits. It is also why to choose a platform that ensures integrated automation.

Before choosing an AIOps platform, IT professionals must check what data is essential for the software solutions to perform the required tasks. Usually, AIOps platforms will use time-series, configuration, business-impact, and all-important logs.

The cost of the AIOps platform software is another aspect that one must consider. These costs can be high, depending upon the features of the platform. Therefore, start-ups or businesses with a restricted budget can start using essential AIOps platforms to ensure growth before moving on to more advanced and expensive solutions.

Apart from the above-mentioned aspects, operations teams should also check the available deployment options and heuristic range. AIOps platforms also need to support discovery and dependency mapping. This feature will help provide specific critical insights that will be crucial for developing business processes.


IT automation with AI is essential for all companies with IT environments. Therefore, every business needs to invest in AIOps platforms and their services. With AIOps solutions, companies will be able to use tools for proactive detection and root cause analysis (RCA) and ensure that all processes adhere to the service level agreement (SLA). This will help businesses provide a better experience to clients and generate more revenue.

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