Above 95% accuracy in predicting outages before they happen

Predict resource utilization, usage patterns and incident volume.

  • Forecast Utilization
  • Forecast Incident Volume
  • Detect & Predict Potential Failures
  • Predict Performance Degradation

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60% reduction in MTTR on incidents

Remove duplicate incidents, false positives and insignificant alerts.

  • Ingestion and Correlation of Diverse Data
  • Noise Nullification
  • Accelerated Root Cause Analysis
  • Anomaly Deduction

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60% faster resolution through automatic application discovery

Discover every user and application performance in your environment.

  • Auto-Discover Applications
  • Auto-Discover Users
  • Real Time Dynamic Topology Mapping

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60% productivity increase through automation of routine tasks

Reduce time spent on IT operations through automation of repetitive actions.

  • Capacity Orchestration
  • One-Click Auto-Remediation
  • Chatbot Integration

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Achieve Complete observability for Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

Extract actionable insights by capturing anomalies for all running applications.

  • Full Stack Visibility
  • Detect Anomalies
  • Application Health Index, User Experience Index
  • Cloud Monitoring

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Business Outcomes

Unlock your business potential and achieve accelerated scale

Minimum 40% reduction
in capital expenses for enterprises
investing in discovery or monitoring or
automation or AIOps tools.


Minimum 50% reduction in overall IT operational cost.


60% Faster Resolution
through real time discovery of assets and relationships.


95% Increase
in services availability by proactively detecting business services impact.


Agile monitoring directly impacts user experience.


Minimum 60% reduction in MTTR on incidents.


Minimum 60% increase in productivity by deploying 250+ bots
to reduce defects to zero.

ZIFTM comes in Two Unique Versions Customized for Business Requirements

Business Xpress

Quickest and easiest adoption of AIOps platform for your business

  • ADDM
  • Quick Evaluation of ZIFTM
  • No obligation trial of the platform
  • Monitoring OS (Agent & Agentless)
  • Noise Reduction
  • Prediction
  • No third-party tool integration


Fully extendable AIOps platform that can ingest millions of events and deliver Service Reliability

  • Everything in Xpress
  • Application Monitoring
  • Database Monitoring
  • Network Monitoring
  • Synthetic Monitoring
  • Remediation / Automation
  • Large Enterprises ( Upto 1 Million devices)

Supporting Resources

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